Are you considering getting a puppy while you already have an older dog? When you have one dog, it may be tempting to add another one to your family of furry creatures — but you may be wondering if the pros of doing so outweigh the cons. The good news is that getting a puppy to join your older dog is one of the best decisions you can make.

Keep reading to learn about the 11 awesome benefits of getting a puppy with an older dog!

1. Create Companionship for the Dogs

Adding a puppy to your family means you’ll bring instant companionship for your older dog. To give your dogs the best chance of becoming instant buddies, you’ll want to follow a few steps. For starters, get your older dog used to the scent of the puppy as a way to make a good initial impression.

Then make sure that you introduce the two dogs in a relaxed atmosphere. Be ready to tug a leash or pull one dog back if there is any friction — and be patient with the process. Walk your dogs together and keep the playdates coming to encourage a strong bond between the two dogs!

2. The Older Dog Sets the Example

When you bring a new puppy into your family, your older dog will set the tone for how to be a well-behaved dog. Even though you can start training a puppy as earlier as 8 weeks into their life, your older dog will be the true guide for their behavior.

And your senior dog may enjoy this responsibility after years of living as the only dog in the house. Let them take the lead and praise your older dog each time that it helps the young puppy. With a little encouragement, you’ll help your older dog take on the role of mentor.

3. Training the Puppy Will Be Easier

Another one of the benefits of getting a puppy with an older dog? You already should have some experience training a puppy. Maybe puppy training was a rocky road years ago with your senior pooch, but trust that you will have learned something from that experience.

You’ll know what disciplinary approaches to take — and what actions to avoid at all costs. Start training as soon as you bring your puppy home, and keep the initial sessions short. Puppies don’t exactly have large attention spans.

Use plenty of positive reinforcement and stick with it. And if your older dog is modeling good behavior, praise it so that the puppy can see it and know that it is good. You and the older dog will be teaching in tandem!

4. One of the Biggest Reasons to Get a Puppy? The Entertainment Value

While older dogs can be an amazing source of camaraderie and love, they might not be quite as energetic as they once were. When you introduce a new puppy into the mix, you set the stage for lots of amusing interactions.

When it comes to puppy benefits, the entertainment value is right up there. You’ll get to watch your puppy trip, skid, and wag its tail all the time. When you pair this bundle of energy with a more sedate older dog, you get a funny combination that will keep you laughing all night.

5. Combat Loneliness When You Are Gone

If you work an 8-hour day and don’t have a partner, roommate, or child at home, there’s a good chance that your dog is lonely. When you leave your pet home alone all day, they don’t have the interaction and companionship that they crave. This a situation where adding a puppy to your home can make a lot of sense.

With two dogs at home, you can go to work without feeling guilty for abandoning your pet. You’ll know that they have each other while you’re away. They can play, sleep, and eat together — and get the emotional connection that they need.

6. The Costs Will Not Be a Lot Higher

Are you concerned that you’ll have to pay a lot more money to support two dogs? Fortunately, with some careful budgeting, you won’t add a lot of money to your bottom line with two pets in the house.

While both dogs will need to set their veterinarian regularly to make sure that they’re in good health, you won’t need to spend much extra money since both dogs can use a lot of the same supplies. Dogs can use the same bed, toys, and brushes. Your puppy may require a different type of food as it develops, but you may be able to let your dogs share food once the puppy is grown.

7. More Love is One of the Benefits of Getting a Puppy with an Older Dog

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend due to their strong sense of loyalty and loving nature. Imagine having two dogs at home to provide you with the love and emotional nourishment you want! One of the key reasons to get a puppy is that you’ll get twice the love and attention.

When you’re looking for the right new furry friend to add to your family, do some research to see what breed matches the temperament and energy level you want. Look into small breed puppies for sale if you’re hoping for a petite friend you can take anywhere!

8. You’ll Gain a New Reason to Be Outside

The benefits of owning two dogs extend to your health, too. With a younger dog in the mix, you have more reasons to be out walking your dog or playing. As a result, you’ll find new reasons to be social at the dog park or on a stroll.

This contributes to better physical health, and the affirming cuddles you’ll get from your dog give a boost to your mental health. As a result, people who own dogs may live longer. So why not get two?

9. Puppy Benefits Include Plenty of Exercises for the Older Dog

Has your senior dog become lazy? If you notice your older dog spending a lot more time sprawled out on the kitchen floor or curled up in bed, they may need a jolt of energy. A more active puppy will be the perfect antidote to an older dog that may be less interested in running than it once was.

A younger puppy may seek out a playmate in your older dog. Don’t be surprised to find your puppy nuzzling that older dog, charging at it, or tugging on it to get it involved in some play. Plus, by pushing your older dog to become more active, you can help that dog live a longer and healthier life.

10. You’ll Feel Good for Saving Two Dogs

If you adopted your older dog from a shelter, you know that you did a good thing in giving a home to a dog in need. When you get a second dog from the same source, you can feel good about helping two dogs!

Getting a puppy from a shelter means you’re providing a healthy, loving home for an animal that may have been abandoned. And without your choice to adopt it, that animal may have faced a bleak future. By adopting another dog, you’re contributing to the hope that all dogs will be able to find a loving family.

11. Your Older Dog May Live Longer

Humans aren’t the only ones to live longer with a dog in the house. Older dogs may live longer if you introduce a new puppy to your home. With the average life expectancy of a dog at around 11 years, you may be able to give your older dog a new lease on life.

Just as a young puppy keeps a human on its feet, a young puppy will keep an older dog more agile and energized. Your puppy may require a lot of activity, so feel free to bring your older dog along for the walks. Your older dog will love having a chance to spend more time with you, and they’ll be getting into better shape at the same time.

Getting a Puppy is the Right Choice

The benefits of getting a puppy with an older dog are great. Not only will you gain a cute and playful companion for your older pet, but you’ll also gain a new source of love — and energy — for everyone in your family. You’ll love having two loyal companions to keep you company while walking or watching a movie.

When you want to find the latest info on how to care for your pet, check back for more great articles!