Winter is already here and this is the time you become extra careful about your fluffy friends. As the weather is changing and it is cold as well so dogs would take time to adjust to the situation. There are certain things that you can do to pamper your dog during the wintertime. This pampering routine would not only make your dog comfortable but at the same time, it would keep your dog healthy. There are some essential changes that you need to do considering the cold weather of your place. Here Petsnurturing brings some of the best tips to pamper your dog this winter that you need to know for sure:

A winter coat:

7 Tips How To Pamper Your Dog

This tip is not for every type of dog so here you have to understand about your dog before you get a winter coat. If your dog has short fur that is summer appropriate then your dog would struggle during the wintertime. In this case, you should go ahead and shop for some winter coats for your dog. These coats are like hoodies and these would keep your dog warm throughout the time. It would be great if you would make your dog wear the winter coat before stepping outside. If your dog has a dense double coat then you don’t have to get any extra winter coat for your dog.

Dry ears are preferable:

Dogs often tend to get wet ears and this can happen due to several reasons. Most of the time, dogs tend to get their ears wet during swimming or even while taking a bath. If your dog has long ears then there are chances that your dog would get its ears wet when drinking water. This is normal and there is nothing to worry about it. If it is summer then you don’t have to worry that much about wet ears but if it is winter then you should not take the chance. Here you should make an effort to keep your dog’s ears dry. In this way, your dog would not feel cold.

A thick comfy bed would be great:

7 Tips How To Pamper Your Dog

We know the struggle behind making the bed comfortable for the dog. The requirement of the bedding changes with season and temperature. You can get a thin and comfy bed for your dog throughout the year but you have to get the bedding thick at least during winter. The floor tends to be really cold during the winter and if you would let your dog relax on a thin bed then that can be dangerous. You always should get a thick bed just for winter days so that your dog can relax comfortably.

Proper paw cleaning is always recommended:

No matter if it is winter or any other season but you should always keep the paws of your dog healthy. If the paw would not be healthy then your dog would struggle to walk and that would bother the dog a lot. You should always do proper nail trimming as it is an essential step to pamper your dog during winters. You should also make sure to clean the paw properly at least once or twice a week. A good paw cream would help in keeping the paw soft. You should trim the paw fur but don’t make it too short during winter.

Keep your dog hydrated throughout the time:

The dog tends to drink less water which is fine but they tend to avoid water during winters. Winter already dehydrates the dog and if they would not get proper water then they would suffer. Here you have to take up the responsibility to keep your dog hydrated even during winters. If your dog tends to avoid water in general during this time then you can try to get your dog some juicy fruits and vegetables. You can also get some chicken broth for your dog as that also helps in keeping your dog hydrated during the wintertime. Some citrus fruits like oranges are always recommended during this time of the year.

Brushing your dog coat is important:

No matter what the weather is, you should always brush your dog coat regularly. You should brush the coat twice or thrice if your dog has a really long and dense coat. This would help the dog in getting rid of the old fur and so you would see the shiny fur coming out. This simple step would keep the fur of your dog healthy throughout the time. It also increases blood circulation which is very healthy for the pup.

Avoid too much of outdoor walks:

7 Tips How To Pamper Your Dog

We know outdoor walks are very important for your dog. This not only keeps the dog healthy physically but also mentally. You should never skip the outdoor walks for your dog but you can at least limit the time during winters. We know that the outside temperature is very cold and the cold breeze is even dangerous. It would be great if you take your dog for a walk whenever needed. To adjust the exercise time, you can do some home walk sessions with your dog. You can even play with your dog inside your home so that the harsh cold weather can be avoided.