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We aim to provide more value for our audience, whether that comes in the form of guides, petitions, or product reviews. 


You are never going to have a dull moment on our website. Whether our blogs are informative or entertaining, you are sure to find something here. 


The Furzly Team: From our executives down to our interns, Furzly is comprised of a collection of skilled pet lovers who want to make an impact on the world, especially when it comes to Furzly’s readers. Here are all of the amazing individuals working on this project who have made Furzly what it is today. 


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Chief Dog Guy

John Cantlin

John is a pet markets entrepreneur that focuses on creating startups that drive change to solve problems. All of his startups that have been successful have followed the format of a cause-driven business.

John has extensive experience in this market, and the leadership attributes to execute the perfect go-to-market strategy. Prior to Furzly, John created a dog breeder and adoption network providing the most safe place to find a new puppy.

John has ambitious goals for the Furzly platform. He plans for Furzly to become the largest and most authoritative pet informational system on the market.

Chief Content Officer

Dylan Buckley

Dylan Buckley is the Chief Content Officer at Furzly and a freelance writer and editor with five years of experience working primarily in the self-development, cryptocurrency/blockchain, and marketing industries. Having worked with various content companies, business coaches, and tech startups to produce a wide variety of content types, he understands what is needed to develop great content and drive brands forward. 

Being an avid animal lover, Dylan will leverage the above experience to drive change within the pet market and help mold Furzly into the platform that users deserve. With his 14-year-old Shih Tzu Charlie in hand, Dylan aims to provide a more informative platform of content for pet owners everywhere, improve the way that we interact with our own animals, and create a culture where users feel empowered to share their expertise with the world around them, which inevitably results in more value for both our readers and our writers.

On the rare occasion that Dylan is not writing or working with his clients, you can find him volunteering his time with mental health organizations like 7 Cups and Hapi, working on his music, or producing the odd poem here and there!


Stephanie Pierce

Stephanie Pierce is a freelance writer and editor with more than a decade of experience producing copy and content for a global client base including major multi-nationals, digital and print agencies, professional athletes, medical professionals, industry leaders, Ivy League universities, government agencies, and more.

A life-long animal lover, Stephanie brought her talents to Furzly for one reason: to help further the Furzly mission of bringing positive change to pets and pet owners everywhere.

Stephanie lives in sunny Florida with her husband Rob; human kids Waylon, Eli, and Thea; Shih Tzu Wicket; Australian shepherd Lemmy; and kitties Felix and Joker. If she had free time, she would probably take a nap with any or all of the above 🙂


Ban Haidous

Ban Haidous is an aspiring writer and student. She is currently studying at Irvine Valley College with the hopes to attend the University of Southern California later on. She has always loved literature ever since she was a kid. Growing up, she knew she wanted to pursue a writing career. As an English major, she has a natural inclination towards writing. When she gets older, she hopes to become a fictional author.

She wants to write books that change the way people view life. She wants her writing to inspire others as well as create a different sense of reality to her audience. In her free time, she likes to tutor high school students, mainly in English and Math. She loves teaching others and enjoys the idea of someone improving due to her help.

Because of this, Haidous is also interested in the teaching department and would like to become a college professor in the future. Haidous is a big reader. When she isn’t writing for school and her work, she loves to spend her time reading, mainly classic feminist authors. She has a large collection of some of her favorite female authors such as Louisa May Alcott, Jane Austen, and the Brontë sisters. She also loves to write random stories or things she finds interesting in her free time. She also enjoys spending her time dog-sitting her friends’ dogs since she is a major dog lover.

Her love for animals is what allows for her strong passion in writing about them. Haidous has had two German Shepherds by the name of Koda and April. After her two dogs passed, she adopted a Bombay cat named Toothless. She currently lives in California with her two siblings and both of her parents. View on Furzly.


Heidi Tait

I am an animal lover that enjoys research, writing, learning, and sharing with others. I come from the hard sciences and enjoy analysis and creating graphs in my free time! I am also an avid swimmer and runner, I would do a triathlon, but I hate bicycling! I did my first Spartan race recently and will do another one as soon as it gets warm again. In addition to writing, I am an online ESL teacher to some of the cutest kids in the world!


Dahlia Baerga

Animals have been a huge passion of mine since I was a small child. I currently own a dog and two cats, but more are coming!…eventually. To appease my lovely brood with everything they could want, I work as a high school English teacher, but I have experience in many other industries, including restaurants, fitness, and operations. I’ve been writing since I was a teenager. In my adult years, I’ve written a lot of academic and opinion pieces. In my spare time, I read, work out, perform various jobs at my school (including theater consultant, assistant director, and athletic department secretary), and spend as much time with my two-year old daughter as I possibly can.


Grace Hazzard

A professed Professional Whippet Aficionado living in the real-life show of Portlandia. When I’m not writing, I’m being yelled at by thieves (Loss Prevention) or snuggled up with my natural-born children; Edmund, my 8-year-old Whippet and sea dragon and Fern, my five-year-old firstborn and lovable Mad Queen mix.

I’m finishing up my degree in Professional Communications from Florida State University remotely, with a minor in Sociology. I’m married to an artist/x-ray tech who has a different last name because we are just fun like that. I’ve had dogs and cats since childhood, rode horses English style for seven years, and have been fascinated by animals my entire life (except chimps, insects, and birds; sorry guys).

Social Media

Alannah Drane

Alannah Drane is a Las Vegas-based marketing enthusiast. In her free time, she runs social media for establishments such as a local non-profit animal rescue. Currently, she attends college with a focus on information systems and a minor in marketing. With prior experience in both the marketing industry and the pet world, Alannah has efficiently spread awareness about the well-being of animals.

She enjoys taking photos of animals and taking care of her inseparable twin kittens she adopted from a local animal rescue as a pair. Alannah occasionally borrows her friend’s dogs so she can have her daily dose of dogs as well. To build Furzly, Alannah will focus on growing social media and marketing strategies. She will spread brand awareness and information on Furzly. One day she will open a marketing firm, and use the profits to establish an animal rescue.

Content Marketing

Emme Chadwick

Emme is a writer and social media content specialist. Currently, she is studying Writing and Rhetoric with a minor in Journalism at the University of Utah. She has two years of experience and although she is fairly new to the field, her writing and graphic design reflect something different. Not only is she a dog, cat, and every other kind of animal lover, she also is an artist.

In her free time, she paints, draws, and works on her blog. Whenever she travels to experience the world, she does. Never staying in one place, Emme is an adventurous person that believes being spontaneous is good for the soul. Originally from Portland, Oregon she currently finds herself in Salt Lake City, Utah and hopes to move back home after she finishes her degree.

Social Media

Ashley Rothman

Ashley Rothman is a marketing coordinator specializing in digital marketing and social media with over two years of experience in the space. Ashley is an animal lover and enthusiast who is extremely passionate about sharing great content with fellow pet owners and hopes to bring many exciting ideas to Furzly.

Here, she serves as a digital marketing and social media intern who is working on perfecting her social media skills as well as changing the world one bark at a time. She lives in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia. She spends her days with her best friend miniature golden doodle Sunflower and enjoys quality time with family and friends.

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