Our Mission

We are Furzly.com, and we are on a mission to feed shelter animals around the world.
We do this by empowering a group of writers, contributors, and every day people to contribute to that cause.

In fact, every post published, shared, or even liked on our platform or social networks feeds shelter animals around the world. Our writers, every day, change the lives of pets as an individual responsibility.

From Little Places.


Pet lovers and experts collaborating to produce great content. Powered By a Small Team:Powered by knowledgable experts dedicated to growth. Focused on Real Change: We want to create a better world for pets and owners. RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS

We aim to provide more value for our audience, whether that comes in the form of guides, petitions, or product reviews. ENGAGING CONTENT

You are never going to have a dull moment on our website. Whether our blogs are informative or entertaining, you are sure to find something here.


The Furzly Team: From executive staff down to our interns, Furzly is comprised of a collection of skilled pet lovers who want to make an impact on the world, especially when it comes to Furzly’s readers. Here are all of the amazing individuals working on this project who have made Furzly what it is today.