So what are the Best Dogs For Kids?

kid with pug
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What are the best dogs for kids? Dogs are essential to families and children; they provide a sense of comfort, enable children to develop compassion, responsibility, and social skills. They invoke a carefree attitude within us while also giving ourselves and our children a sense of purpose. Although there are an abundance of dogs to adopt from, it is important to select a puppy that will be sweet, gentle, and playful with your children. Luckily, there are tons of pups that will implement a stable, yet comforting environment for our families.

1. Golden Retriever are the #1 best dogs for kids

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Intelligent, outgoing, and playful, golden retrievers are one of the best additions in a large family. These dogs are extremely obedient and well-tempered, with an easy-going manner that ensures a calm, yet comforting feeling around children. Their high level of energy pushes their need for exercise, making them the perfect play companion — their energetic attitude will keep you and your kids moving constantly! Despite their supreme energy levels, these dogs are relatively quiet and won’t scare your children away with loud barks. This do is the #1 Best Dogs For Kids.

As highly social beings, goldens love meeting new people and making new friends. Their friendliness extends to other dogs as well — no need to worry about loud or angry encounters with neighborhood dogs. Due to their seasonal shedding, these doggies are easy to take care of and only require occasional grooming. All these pups need is a warm and kind house willing to love them to the fullest.

2. Newfoundland

Newfoundland dog in park

Newfoundlands are mostly known for their extremely gentle and sweet dispositions — thus making them amazing family dogs. Their thick, soft fur attracts the delicate and loving attitude that children often exude, while their large and furry physical appearance allows for great cuddles and great protection. And, since they are only somewhat active, they don’t require as much playing time or attention as other dogs.

Newfoundlands’ unmatched loyalty makes them a bit territorial and protective. This protective nature is what makes them such great dogs, especially for young children and busy parents. In fact, Newfies often treat the children of the family as their own, going out of their way to keep them safe and sound.

While their thick hair requires constant brushing, that is something that they enjoy. Newfs simply want someone to love and cherish them — but most importantly, they want to be able to reciprocate that love to their owners.

3. Collie

best dogs for kids
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Known as one of the best family dogs, collies are extremely devoted and dedicated to their owners. They have a calm and welcoming nature, but are also ready to play when called for. Nothing makes them more excited than playing and learning, which is why they are known to dramatically improve human social skills.

Collies thrive off of reward-based obedience. Tricks and games are the best way to keep them satisfied and happy. They love being praised for their work, as it makes them feel appreciated and loved. Their obedience sprouts from their eagerness to learn; however, this trait can become overwhelming, as they are always looking for something to do and tend to get bored easily.

These dogs shed seasonally and only need to be groomed occasionally, making Collies a lot easier to manage compared to other dogs. They are best for active families that are willing to pay a large amount of attention to their dogs. At the end of the day, these pups are just looking for owners who will treat them as a friend and as a family member.

4. Pug

best dogs for kids
Pugs are one of the Best Dogs For Kids

Don’t be fooled by their appearance — these tiny pups have an extremely bright and charming personality. Pugs take up little to no space, fitting perfectly in even the smallest homes.

As a follower, pugs love the simple presence of others around them, making them the perfect family dog. In fact, their curiosity usually gets the best of them, resulting in their tendency to mindlessly follow their owners. Because of this, you don’t need to constantly play with a pug in order to satisfy it. While they love being around others, you won’t catch them constantly begging you for attention.

A pug’s low energy level results in a low maintenance lifestyle. Thus, they are very easy to take care of compared to other dogs. They are also extremely easy to please, which can be considered an advantage to busy and working families. However, pugs do tend to shed a lot and require weekly grooming. These peaceful pups are universal to all kinds of families, providing consistent love and support.

5. Labrador Retriever

best dogs for kids
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Proven to be one of the most popular dogs in the United States, Labrador retrievers are unarguably one of the best kinds of dogs for a family. Labs have an extremely friendly nature and are constantly looking for a friend. They are insanely outgoing and playful. It is these specific qualities that have earned them their reputation of “the perfect family dog.”

As playful creatures, Labs are always excited to be with and socialize with their owners. They are quite energetic and require more exercise than other dogs, but the energy they exude is always positive — what’s more, this energy is contagious and rubs off on the entire family! But Labs are also extremely flexible and versatile. While they enjoy the company and attention of their owners, they also have no problem chilling in the house while the family is out and about. Not only does their flexibility make them very easy-going pets, but it also allows more personal time for the individual.

Labradors tend to shed and require weekly grooming, but their charming energy makes it all worth it! Labradors simply seek a fun, yet loving home.

These are just a few of the many Best Dogs For Kids. However, all of these dogs have one thing in common: they are itching to be loved and appreciated. No matter what pup you and your family decide to adopt, remember to treat them like you treat your loved ones. After all, your dog is more than a pet…they’re your family!

Thank you for reading our best dogs for kids list!