So, you want to feed your dog some carrots. Maybe you really like carrots. Maybe you like that carrots are pretty cheap. Or maybe, like me, you exhausted all entertainment and backup entertainment and backup-backup entertainment during this pandemic, and you got so bored that you planted a garden. So, now you’re trying to grow some carrots, and you want to know if your adorable pup can enjoy them along with you. But, can dogs eat carrots?

can dogs eat carrots, dog eating carrot

Carrots and Your Dog

Why, yes, dogs can eat carrots! In fact, carrots are actually quite a healthy snack for dogs. Because they’re low in calories, you can feed them to your dog often without having to worry too much about adding a lot of extra calories to your dog’s diet. They contain potassium, which helps nerves to function, muscles to contract, and the heart to beat regularly. They also have fiber, which can aid in healthy digestion, and they contain antioxidants. Antioxidants are helpful in a lot of ways, since they can help protect cells from cancer, heart disease, and more.

So, with all that being said, if you want to feed carrots to your dogs, by all means, do so! They’re a healthy and low-calorie alternative to other foods or dog treats.

Can Dogs Eat Too Many Carrots?

Of course, dogs can eat too many carrots. It’s always best to feed your pup anything in moderation. And even though carrots are full of nutrients, in excess, those nutrients can turn harmful. Though fiber aids in digestion, too much fiber can cause digestive issues. Potassium is incredibly helpful, but excessive amounts of potassium can cause the heart rate to fluctuate in ways that are dangerous or possibly fatal.

In general, though, carrots are healthy, so you shouldn’t worry too much about them causing harm to your dog. If you’re concerned about feeding your pup too many carrots, though, discuss it with a vet. They should be able to help you know how many carrots might be too many carrots.

carrots, can dogs eat carrots

Larger Carrots vs. Baby Carrots

So, if you’re going to feed your dog carrots, which type of carrots should you buy? Well, it doesn’t really much matter. Baby carrots aren’t naturally small. They’re actually cut from larger carrots and then processed for consumption. In essence, baby carrots are just pre-cut larger carrots. The only real difference is that baby carrots are usually harvested somewhat prematurely, so this reduces the proportion of nutrients in baby carrots compared to what larger carrots have.

This doesn’t mean that baby carrots aren’t healthy, however. They’re still very healthy, and they might even be more convenient to buy for your dog, since they’re already small and bite-sized. They’re also pre-washed when they’re packaged, which makes it easy to just grab some and go.

I still want to buy larger carrots, though…

If you prefer to buy larger carrots, then you’ll probably want to cut them into bite-sized pieces for your dog. Doing so will help to prevent the risk of your dog choking on a carrot piece, especially if your pup is a smaller breed. You’ll also want to make sure that you wash or peel the carrots so that you can remove any lingering dirt or other substances that may have found their way onto the carrot skin.

carrot cake

Other Ways for Your Dog to Eat Carrots

Curious about other ways your dog can eat carrots? One way would be to freeze a whole, large carrot. This can turn it into a healthy and delicious chew toy for your dog, and it’ll probably last longer than the non-frozen carrots. Though it may not last as long as other chew toys available to dogs, you could give more carrots to your pup to make up for it, since they’re healthier. A teething pup might also appreciate having the coolness of a frozen carrot to gnaw on. As with all chew toys, though, consider the size of the toy and your dog before giving any to your pup.

Another way to utilize carrots for your dog would be to blend them into a yummy smoothie. Yep, that’s right. You can make smoothies for your dog, too. You can make a healthy carrot smoothie that your pup will probably love with as little as three ingredients: carrots, bananas, and water. This smoothie recipe includes the health benefits from bananas, and it can also help keep your dog hydrated.

You can also make a carrot cake for your dog. Life just got a whole lot fancier for your pup! Cake recipes for dogs are usually pretty simple and easy to put together. Plus, your dog probably won’t care if the flavor of the cake is a little off or if it isn’t as fluffy as it should be. More than likely, your pup will just be happy to get a special treat, and watching your pup enjoy a treat you made yourself is a lot of fun.


Can dogs eat carrots? Most definitely. They’re low-calorie, healthy snacks that are full of nutrients, like potassium, fiber, and antioxidants. You can buy the larger carrots for your dogs, if you prefer. Just be sure to peel or wash them first to make sure you get rid of any dirt or other substances on the skin. Cutting the larger carrots into bite-sized pieces for your dog can reduce the risk of choking, too. If you don’t want to go through that work, though, you can buy baby carrots. They’re pre-cut, pre-washed, and still full of plenty of nutrients.

Carrots can also be blended or cooked into a variety of forms for your dog to enjoy. Just some of the options include smoothies, cakes, cupcakes (let’s be honest, they’re just smaller cakes), and you could probably find a carrot cookie recipe. You can even freeze the larger carrots to make a yummy chew toy or to soothe your teething puppy’s gums. So, stock up on some carrots and explore all the many ways you can feed them to your pup!