Can pets get the coronavirus? Put your pet’s safety first.

There’s not one person who doesn’t know about the dangerous virus that’s infecting our world. There is a lot of chaos surrounding the coronavirus. With that chaos comes an enormous amount of false info spread by the media. This info has caused a lot of concern. While it’s normal for us to worry for our loved ones, we may also be concerned about our pets —specifically our dogs and cats. We know our families can catch this virus, but can our furry friends catch it as well?

can pets get the coronavirus

New Information: Can Pets Get The Coronavirus?

In the beginning, it was believed that cats and dogs could not catch the virus. However, this was mainly due to the lack of evidence surrounding the question. As far as we knew, pet owners with the virus did not pass it onto their cats, dogs, and/or other pets.

However, a recent discovery has led many people to fear for their pets. A dog — who had been living with his infected owners — tested positive for COVID-19. According to a report done by the World Organization for Animal Health, the dog was not actively showing any clinical symptoms of the virus. Multiple nasal and oral tests were taken in order to confirm the infection — and all of them were positive. Although there is still no evidence whether or not animals can spread the disease, it’s a possibility that should not be dismissed. The dog was placed under quarantine to prevent possible spreading.

The report is being updated weekly in order to provide further evidence that may assist in research regarding pets and the coronavirus. Can Pets Get The Coronavirus?

can pets get the coronavirus


Although it’s not confirmed if all pets can even get the virus, it’s important to take all essential precautions. If someone living with one or more pet is infected, they should avoid all contact with their pet(s). It’s necessary that your pet is taken care of by someone else if you end up with the virus. It’s important that your pet’s caretaker be someone you/your family trusts. Since they are also at risk of catching the virus, make sure they stay clean and isolated.