Cats have been long portrayed to hate the water, and most of them do. That said, some cat breeds absolutely love to get wet! Big cats like jaguars and tigers, for example, enjoy beating the heat and rinsing off by taking a dip in a lake or river.

Domesticated cats have such a reputation because they do not require external water sources to clean themselves, nor are most of them exposed to the extreme heat in the same way that cats in the wild are. In addition, if your cat had been subject to training tactics using a spray bottle or has been forced to take baths, there is a good chance they might not have positive associations when it comes to water unless they are drinking it.

Only a brave handful of cats will actually get wet for their own enjoyment. Many of them like to play at a faucet, the water dish, toilet, or some other water source. If you’re looking to learn more about cats that love the water, here are a few cat breeds that indulge in the occasional dip!

Cat Breeds That Love Water

Cat Breeds That Love Water

Photo by Dagi Spiette from FreeImages

Turkish Van

The Turkish Van is one of the most recognized cat breeds that love water. In fact, even the Bible makes a note of this breed’s adoration of water. It is said that a pair of Turkish Vans left Noah’s ark after it became stuck on Mt. Ararat. They then swam to what is now the Lake Van area in Turkey, where they were able to rest and propagate.

These cats have a primarily white coat with markings on their head and tail, and they are known for their silky, water-repellent coat. These cats are highly acclimated to the water. They will likely enjoy a watering along with the garden in the morning. These cats not only love the water, but they are playful as well.

If you live in the United States, you may have a tough time obtaining a Turkish Van. The Turkish Van breed was only recently introduced to the US. Turkey has since outlawed their exportation. People have found success in getting in touch with European breeders. It is worth noting that coming across one of these fancied felines in the US will come at a price!

Cat Breeds That Love Water, Turkish Angora

Photo by Roseline shin from FreeImages

Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora is another water-loving breed that hails from Turkey. The Turkish Angora was recognized as a champion breed by the Cat Fanciers Association in 1972.

Turkish Angoras come in many colors and are not hard to get in the United States today. They, too, are considered a national treasure of Turkey and are a highly protected species.

These cats usually love water play. They might even jump into the shower with you from time to time! You may want to put their water dish inside another vessel as they love to splash around with their paws.

Cat Breeds That Love Water, American Shorthair
Photo by FOX from Pexels

American Shorthair

The American Shorthair is a sweet and playful cat that will splash around in the water from time to time while enjoying its sheen. They play in their water bowls, in the sink, and even in the toilet!

Some people believe that these cats may have a whisker sensitivity, and that is why they choose to lap water out of their paws rather than straight from the bowl. However, that won’t let them keep them from enjoying their love for the water!

Cat Breeds That Love Water

Photo by Izabela Keppler from FreeImages


The back-crossing of a domesticated cat with a wild one is how the Bengal came to be. That is how they got their beautiful patterning and, most likely, their love for the water. These cats will likely join the kids for a romp through the sprinkler, play in the faucet, and maybe even hop in your bath (better shut the door).

Bengals are very active cats. They love climbing around, inspecting their surroundings, and keeping busy throughout the day. They are not the type to lay around all day. A Bengal needs a home with people that will interact with it regularly. Otherwise, you may just find them paw-fishing in the aquarium and getting into all other sorts of trouble!

Cat Breeds That Love Water, Maine Coon
Photo by John Nyberg from FreeImages

Maine Coon

Maine Coon cats are large cats that hail from New England in the United States. These cats used to be a common sight on ships heading to ports afar. No one knows precisely why they like the water, but it is thought that their adventures on the high seas may have something to do with it.

These cats are not as much swimmers as they are players. They love to bat things around in the water and play in their water dish. These cats are grade-A mousers and have long been the pride of the farm and household for this talent. They are calm, friendly, and somewhat curious, and they love the snow in addition to flowing water.

Cat Breeds That Love Water, Manx
Photo by Jimmy Chan from Pexels


The Manx is from the Isle of Man and has no tail. They have many rounded off features, and they are playful but gentle. This is another cat breed that will play fetch and doesn’t mind a good soaking from time to time, just like the family dog!

The Manx comes in an assortment of colors. They are known to be quite dexterous, which means that you might need to childproof the house if you don’t already have children. But don’t worry, they are also known to be good with children as well!

This is another biblical cat. The Bible says that they lost their tail as they were leaving Noah’s ark when the door slammed on it. Another myth says that Vikings used to take their tails for good luck. When it comes down to it, the absence of a tail is probably genetic. They are lovely cats, and we still love having them around!

Despite the depictions of cats and water in the media, some cats absolutely love to get wet. Above are six well-known cat breeds that love water. If you own one of these breeds or you are considering adopting or purchasing one in the future to add to your family, make sure to the reference the guide above to learn more about them!