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“The first draft is just you telling
yourself the story.”

Our writers at Furzly help us significantly by creating impactful content to spread around the world. We love to showcase, promote, and celebrate the fantastic talent that provides to our cause. Please click through to their profiles, social media, and personal sites.

Heidi Tait

I love to write, research, and animals. I can't wait to get my own place and have a dog of my own! I am going to have to settle for writing about them now! In my free time I enjoy swimming, running, and cooking.

Dylan Buckley

Co-Founder/Chief Content Officer

Dylan Buckley is a freelance writer and editor with four years of experience producing content for organizations in the self-development, business, and cryptocurrency industries. When he's not writing or working on other creative projects, he's spending time with his Shih Tzu, Charlie!

Ban Haidous


Dahlia Baerga

I'm a high school English teacher who is starting back up with my writing passion and trying to make something of it. I'm also a grad student and a first time mom to an extremely rambunctious two year old. I am obsessed with animals; I have two cats and a dog and plan on adding more in the future.

Grace Hazzard

A Professional Whippet Aficionado living in Portlandia and the mullet with the most. My natural-born son: Edmund, first of his name, Ed, Big Ed, Noodle of Heads, Sea Dragon of Oregon, the Soft Lamb of the Couch, Snuggler of Blankets, Cry-Baby of the Pacific North, and the Whippet in my bed. My natural-born daughter: Fern, first of her name, Fern Gully, Ferninator, Fernicus, Mad Queen, Boss of Kibble, Protector of the Abode, Loafer of Loafs, Licker of Faces, Butt with the Fluff, Stray Dog of Roads, and my firstborn.

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