Furzly is a community that thrives on empathetic connection, helpfulness, and kindness. That said, we live in a world today where many users take advantage of online spaces like ours to spam or bully others. We want to make sure that none of our users engage in or have to deal with these kinds of behaviors. In order to uphold these values, we insist that our users follow the community guidelines listed below!

  • We will not tolerate any comments that are negative, threatening, or designed to emotionally harm our writers. If you do have something to say or add to someone’s article, please make sure that it is appropriately phrased and helpful to both the writers and the readers on our site. 
  • All comments must be relevant to the content that is being commented on. If spam or overly-promotional comments are made, they will be rejected. 
  • Interactions on our platform must be kind and considerate. If we see any comments being made that do not seek to help, inform, or support other users, we will reject them. Harassment in any form will not be tolerated. 

As long as all of our users follow these community guidelines and do their best to create the space necessary for our community to grow and develop together, we will be able to see just how amazing Furzly will become!