How to Write Great News Content for Furzly

Producing news pieces is vastly different from producing articles. As such, it is important to know what you need to be doing if you plan on covering this type of content. While this guide will be short, it is vital that you follow all directions so that your content comes out “purr”fectly each time! 

How to Write News Content

  • Start With a Catchy But Honest Title– We want our news to be exciting and draw people in, but it has to be accurate and truthful as well. While you should do your best to make your title catchy, please do not try to make up details in order to draw more readers. When you report fake news, you lose your authority and your audience. 
  • Tell Your Reader the Story– As a news writer, you are doing your best to dig into the story and report the facts. You don’t need to create emotional content. If the story is interesting or adorable, it will do that all on its own. Stick to the details and report those! 
  • Throw in Pictures (If Applicable and Available)– News just isn’t the same if it doesn’t have relevant pictures. However, you can’t grab pictures from other news sites and place them in your piece. You will need to look through sources to see if you can find relevant pictures that you are legally allowed to use.
  • Keep It Short and Sweet– News is fun and light! Unless you are an investigative reporter, you shouldn’t have to churn out a piece more than 500-800 words to get your point across. 

If you can repeat details in an enticing way, you can write a news piece! If you are ever in doubt, make sure to return to this guide to get the run-down on what you will need to do to write a successful news piece.