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Furzly leads the conversation about pet health and information. We do this by empowering a community of knowledge that can be used on a global scale. Our success is dependent on having built a community of writers that create stories for our education platform.

Our Platform

Furzly is an authoritative media platform that leads the conversation about pet health and provides our audience with the information they need. How? We accomplish this by building and empowering a community of writers who share valuable knowledge that can be applied on a global scale. Whether you are looking for in-depth product reviews or life-saving advice, you are sure to find it on our educational platform! 

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Our writers and contributors are passionate about their pets and sharing their wealth of knowledge with the world. Because of our brilliant community, you receive science-backed, reliable content from experienced pet owners, which is accessible to you whenever you need it.


Learn everything from dog training in our Academy to at-home tips in our dog blog. Have questions regarding your dog’s health? We have lots of answers from our steller community of writers.


Cats are one of the best gifts to mankind. They do so much for us as humans and make our lives better. That’s why we have such a big focus on solving the world’s toughest problems for cats.


Concerned about what your dog eats? Looking for a new collar that won’t harm your dog? Having trouble getting your puppy to obey commands? Whether you are looking for at-home training advice in our Academy section or more information regarding your dog’s health, dig deeper into our dog categories to become a better pet owner. 


While cats may believe that they have everything figured out, they still rely on us for care and nurturing. Whether you are concerned about their health or in need of guidance on the products that you are giving them, browse through our “cat”egories to learn more about what cat ownership truly entails. 

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