As an original native Floridian, during my first visit to Portland, Oregon I did note there were a lot of corgis. Then, once I moved here, it truly dawned on me, Portland is the utopia of corgis.

The Great Corgi Utopia Meeting

Every year in the utopia Portland, Oregon they have a meetup for corgis. This meetup was founded on April 9, 2007. The corgi meetup happens every 6 months and for special events. They also have smaller monthly meetups in various areas of Portland and surrounding areas such as Happy Valley and Lake Oswego. They even donate, with members paying $5 a year to help run the group and donating the rest to corgi rescues in Oregon and Washington. Currently 3, 892 people follow their Facebook, 2,093 follow their Instagram, and they have their own website.

Portland Walk of the Corgis’ Fluffy Butts

Oregon Humane Society even loves corgi! They helped organize a walk in the Pearl District of Portland, which is the Northwest, every year. They charged $25 per corgi and $15 for an additional corgi. Not to be inclusive, other breeds are welcome to join their siblings in their fluffy butt walk. All of Portland and its corgis come out to enjoy their utopia.

It’s almost like Portlandians aren’t immune to the corgi’s cool and fluffy charm. It is true, they do have a strong magnitude to them. In a place so hip and weird, Portlandian’s total love of the breed isn’t surprising. The fact they’ve let the corgis become their overlords in their Portland Utopia, that’s weird!

So, take your corgis on a trip up to Portland, Oregon to let them enjoy the utopia. Perhaps get their photo snapped at one of these famous meetings!