How to spoil your pet this Christmas

We shouldn’t really spoil our dogs, should we? But it’s Christmas and there’s spoiling in a bad way, and spoiling in a good way.

Pets are our companions, our friends, and members of the family. So why shouldn’t we treat them at Christmas just like everyone else in our life? This festive season, treat your pet in a way that is kind to them, kind to the environment, and kind to you.

Like everything about the festive season, the rules for treating your pet at Christmas are as they are for everything else. Don’t overdo it. Don’t blow the bank. Don’t allow them to overindulge. And remember that the festivities are all about spending time with our loved ones (pets included).

Christmas dinner

Don’t allow your dog to slobber over your plate on the big day, or your cat to cheat you out of chocolate. Roughly stick to your pet’s regular food and usual diet to avoid mopping up the after-effects of an upset tummy.

You can of course throw in some festive-themed nibbles. But only give treats designed for pets and not humans. You can dish up a Christmas dinner though. Heck, you can even find ethically-sourced turkey and veg puppy food so that your pooch can join everyone else before retiring for a snooze during the Queen’s speech.

The RSPA publishes a seasonal list of what festive foods are safe or otherwise for doggies – no matter if they’ve been naughty or nice.

The main present

We all love a big present at Christmas. Certainly, kids do, as did the smaller version of you. Think about what your pet would really like this year and place it under the tree with everyone else’s.

The best thing about pets at Christmas is how undemanding and uncomplicated they really are (unlike some in the rest of our families perhaps).

A new coat, a furry fleece blanket, a cozy new bed, a special toy, even a throw so they can finally sit on the couch or bed without being asked to hop off are all pretty much just what your pet would wish for.

It’s not even like a pack of dental sticks is the equivalent to a pair of socks for us. Man’s best festive friend isn’t going to roll his eyes before announcing “just what I’ve always wanted” while crossing their fingers/paws behind their back.

In actual fact, most of our pets would actually think the mounds of unwrapped paper on Christmas morning is the best gift they could ever receive. All that frolicking and hiding in the piles equals hours of fun.

A gift box

You can buy some super simple, yet wondrous eco-friendly gift boxes for your beloved boxer or darling dalmatian. They’re a one-stop, all-in-one assortment to gift your dog this Christmas.

And they will provide ample distraction when all are unwrapping to keep their enquiring noses out of everyone else’s presents.

Pop a festive ribbon on and inside these special types of selection boxes (take a look at these eco-friendly ones from Wild Thought your pet will find toys, chews, treats, and much more.

You can even order a healthy, wellness treat box with luxuries like balms and shampoos – very much like the human variety you would quite fancy yourself but all are designed to be kind to pets.

The gift of you

The best way to treat your pet this Christmas is simply to spend more time with them. Presents are great but what your pet will love the most is some extra time with their favorite human.