Cats need more than a scratching post and a litter box. From pet hair removers to groom your kitty to relaxing water fountains for them to drink out of, keep reading our list to learn about the 10 genius supplies every cat owner should have.

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  1. Pet Hair Remover Brush — Your cat may be a stellar groomer, but their hair will still get everywhere. Lend them a paw by helping to remove any excess hair with a pet hair remover brush. Brushing your cat’s hair will help stimulate the production of natural oils to give them a healthy coat. Using a pet hair remover brush will also remove both loose hair and dust from furniture and rugs. Do some research on the best pet hair removers to get one that you’ll enjoy using.
  2. Cord Protector — You see those cords as your laptop charger and TV plug. Your cat sees it as a toy and will chew on it as such. Get a cord protector with a citrus scent that will naturally keep your cat away due to their aversion to citrus. If they do try to nibble on the cord protector, they won’t enjoy the bitter taste of the cord and will move on to other toys to chew on.
  3. Interactive Treat Dispensers — If you’re currently just leaving treats in a bowl for your cat and hoping for the best, level up your treat game with an interactive treat dispenser. You can get a smart treat dispenser with a camera and app where you can watch your feline when you’re not home and press a button to dispense treats. You can get an interactive treat puzzle dispenser where your cat needs to solve a pattern to get a treat dispensed. These interactive treat dispensers are the perfect harmony of snacking and mental stimulation for your cat.
  4. Cat Hammock — When you picture a hammock, you may picture one of those giant hammocks you tie between trees in a backyard or on a tropical vacation. You can get a mini hammock for your cat to nap on at home. According to PetMD, cats spend about one-third of their life sleeping. Let them nap one-third of their life in style in a cozy cat hammock that can be tied to chair legs, underneath a table or wherever else your cat can use a comfy place to relax.

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  1. Window Mounting Cat Bed — If your cat loves the look and feel of a cat hammock, they may also love a window mounting cat bed. They can curl up like a little cat purrrr-ito as they watch the world go by from their cat bed at the window. All you need is a cat bed that has suction cups to attach to your window’s glass surface. Soon, your cat will be perched up on that bed while they’re soaking up the sun.
  2. Aesthetic Litter Box — Let’s be honest — the sight of a litter box in the middle of your room is unsightly. After all, it’s basically a toilet in the middle of your kitchen. Get an aesthetically pleasing litter box that won’t be an eyesore for you or your cat. For example, there are litter boxes that look like giant plants. You and your cat may enjoy a whimsical spaceship-shaped cat litter box.
  3. Litter Mat — Speaking of litter, don’t let clumps of whatever comes out of their litter box get on your floor or carpet. Keep a litter mat right underneath and outside of their cat litter box entrance. One with a honeycomb-like surface is usually ideal so that the litter from their paws gets on the mat and not on your floor. That way, when they finish their business, they won’t get litter droppings all over the place and spread germs unnecessarily.
  4. Dual Cat Bed and End Table — Get a piece of furniture that does it all with a dual cat bed and end table. Your cat can sleep on their cozy little bed, and this piece of furniture also acts as an end table. The cat bed is plush enough for them to sleep on. Find one that also has a scratching pad on the side so your cat knows to scratch that and not the actual end table. It’s aesthetically pleasing and serves a dual purpose. Talk about a win-win!
  5. Collapsible Cat Carrier — Some cats have no problem moseying on up to their cat carrier when you take them to the vet or around town. Other pet parents have to turn getting their cat into a cat carrier as an art form. Get a collapsible cat carrier that will make it easier for you to transport your cat. Some of the larger ones can fit up to two cats. When not used for transporting your feline friend, the cat carrier can be folded up into a storage bag.

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  1. Cat Water Fountain — Having a water fountain in your home will give a relaxing white noise in the background. Your cat will love drinking out of the water fountain and it will make them feel like they’re back in the wild with the sounds of running water.

When you become a pet parent, you always want to make sure you’re giving your furry friends the best of the best. With these 10 genius kitty supplies in mind, your cat is sure to think you’re simply a-MEOW-zing!