The majority of us love a good vacation and, the majority of us also love our beloved canine companions so, why not take them vacationing with you? That's right - picture beachside cliff drives your dog's ears blowing in the breeze, sharing a burger in the park, morning runs across the coastline - sharing your best moments with your best furry friend, what could be better?

Of course, there are some practicalities to consider when deciding what you and your dog can do together on vacation. For example, you can't really take them scoober diving or paragliding but, there are plenty of pup-friendly activities and,  we are here to present to you our top three suggestions. Listen up, grab your dog and get your suitcase at the ready because in no time at all, you'll be jetting off with your canine pal and exploring the world together.


Picture crystal clear water, sun beaming down on your face, the sound of the waves gently dancing around you and your pup pal as you navigate the oceans on a stand-up paddleboard. Don't worry about packing everything up to transport you, your dog, and your equipment to the beach, as surf and paddle board rack mounts offer a great storage option!

Over the past year, more paddleboarders have opted to head for the oceans than before. Whatever the reason, the number of those taking their four-legged friends aboard has grown too - and we are here for it! But, remember it won't be the easiest of journies teaching your dog to paddleboard, and it won't be all smooth sailing either. Follow some simple tips before putting your canine companion on a paddleboard and expecting him to know how to respond.

Stay safe

To keep your pup safe, consider investing in a dog buoyancy aid, as it can dramatically reduce your dog's risk of drowning!

Get your dog acquainted with the paddleboard

As a dog owner, you will know the importance of your pup's nose and how they explore every new thing through the power of sniffing. Let your dog sniff out the paddleboard to get them acquainted with it while it is on dry land. This should help them be more comfortable around it and less likely to panic when you head to sea! Encourage your dog on the paddleboard when inflated on dry land with treats, so they know the paddleboard is nothing to fear.

Make it fun

Instead of just diving straight into the water with your dog aboard, try putting half of the paddleboard in the water and half on the shoreline, this can help your dog become accustomed to the board and the water at once, making the initial sail less daunting. Finally, remember a little at a time will be more effective in getting your dog to paddleboarding pro standards.

Find a pet-friendly hotel

One of the best ways to enjoy a trip with your canine companion is to find a pet-friendly hotel - this will make the whole journey much easier as you won't have to worry about camping or finding friends to stay with. Instead, you and your pup can rock up to the hotel together, chill in the room, order room service and have a great vacation wherever the pair of you may be!

There are many pet-friendly hotels in several destinations, all of which will welcome your dog with open arms, providing you with the best trip accommodation ever.

Please take a look at our favorite pet-friendly hotels in the world!

Le Bristol - France

One for the pampered pooches, those after a bit of elegance will love Le Bristol in France. This hotel offers all of the added extras any pup could dream of, from chilled bottled Evian water to personalized rugs and the highest quality treats!

Las Ventanas - Mexico

If the crystal clear waters of Mexi are more you and your dog's style, then the Las Ventanas in Mexico could be the ideal spot for your next trip! An adult sanctuary for you and equally as pampering for your pet!

The Beverly Hills Hotel - US

Everyone is a star in this hotel - including your pup! The perfect spot for diva dogs and their owners, too; this one is not to be missed! Relax by evening in the beautiful hotel and explore the unique LA by day!

Eat a Gourmet Dinner

Can you think of a better way to round off your trip with a dog than eating a gourmet dinner together? After all, dogs love food, and so do we!

If you are staying in a pet-friendly hotel, then chances are they will provide a gourmet selection of dinners for you and your pooch to dine on!

However, if you aren't in a hotel and are camping instead of renting a holiday let, finding restaurants that will provide doggy dinners can be challenging. However, why not cook if you have the facilities? There are plenty of fine dining dinner recipes for your dog, and they are pretty easy to prepare too!

The bottom line

So there we have it, our top three ways to keep your pooch entertained while you vacation together! So what's stopping you from jumping online, planning your trip, and packing - don't forget the poop bags!