Did you know that 44% of Americans own a dog? If you fall in this category, you know that dog owners will do almost anything to give their furry friends a better life.

Sadly, dogs are just as prone to sickness and pain as the rest of us. The good news is that there are things you can do to make your dog more comfortable as they get older, like giving them CBD treats.

However, it’s important to fully consider the matter before trying them out. That’s why we made this article. In it, we’ll go over three things you should consider before giving your animal CBD doggie treats.

Let’s get started!

Does Your Dog Need CBD?

The first thing you should consider is whether or not your dog even needs CBD pet treats. There are generally three acceptable conditions that pet CBD benefits can help with: pain, seizures, and anxiety.

Pain should be reserved for conditions like cancer and arthritis, especially if it’s affecting the quality of life.

If your dog has epilepsy or a similar condition that causes seizures, then CBD may be able to reduce them.

Finally, if your dog is prone to snapping, panicking, and barking, it might have an anxiety disorder. In these cases, CBD might be able to calm them down.

Go With a THC-Free Product

Remember that even extremely small doses of THC can be toxic to a dog. So, you want to be careful about the products you’re giving your animals. Most human CBD products contain less than .03% of THC.

And, while that’s not enough to affect humans, it could hurt puppies. So, when shopping for your animal look for products that are 100% THC free like this crystal resistant distillate.

Ideally, they should also provide a lab report to verify the composition of their product. That way you know exactly what’s going into your animal’s body.

Check the Dosage

Sadly, because the FDA doesn’t regulate CBD, there’s not a lot of clear information about dosage. Generally speaking, you should mainly follow your dog’s weight when determining weight.

The advice says that two milligrams for every kilogram of dog weight. However, certain conditions might require higher doses.

For example, if your dog is struggling from pain due to cancer, then you might want to up the dose. Just do so gradually and with caution.

CBD Treats For Dogs Work

We hope this article helped you decide whether or not CBD treats are right for your animal. If you aren’t sure whether or not it’s a good idea, then consider asking your vet. They can give you more information and let you know if CBD conflicts with any of the medications your dog might be taking.

Enjoy learning about CBD treats for dogs? We have plenty of more pet-related content so keep reading to find it.