Freshwater fish are by far the most ubiquitous pet in the United States today, with 139.3 million of them nationwide.

Fish make a fascinating and relatively low-maintenance pet. Their needs are simple, and they are cheap to buy from both pet stores online. But to own fish, you'll need a well-equipped aquarium.

If you're on the lookout for aquarium decoration ideas, we've got some ideas to improve the flow of your home aquarium. Not only will they improve the lives of your underwater friends, but they will also enhance the overall aesthetic of the tank.

Read on for our top aquarium decor ideas.

1. Colored Substrate

The substrate is the crucial foundation of any good home aquarium. However, it can be more than just a functional addition.

Colored and textured substrates add to the mood of your tank, especially combined with other cool design elements. Try adding natural rocks with contrasting colors for some genuinely striking aquarium decor.

You can choose a variety of aggregates to create a deeper substrate texture. Choose tank-safe materials from a reputable supplier to ensure your underwater world is free from dyes and toxins.

2. Underwater Structures

When we think of fish tanks, it's hard not to think about cartoon-style castles and sunken cities. While these accessories are certainly classics, they represent the tip of the iceberg of the aquarium decor available today.

Your imagination is the only limiting factor when it comes to the structures you place in your home aquarium. Whether you're looking for a traditional look or something more specialist, a cool structure makes an excellent centerpiece for any aquarium.

3. Oxygenating Plants

As a responsible fish owner, you'll be well aware of the importance of pH, temp, and oxygen levels they need to thrive.

Not only are oxygenating plants a great way to decorate your aquarium, but they also help stabilize your tank by diffusing oxygen and cleaning the water. If you're looking for beautiful and functional aquarium ideas, these plants are your friends.

Visit an online aquarium forum or ask a merchant which plants can best benefit your aquarium for more information.

4. Themed Decorations

Why not come up with a theme for your newest aquarium? Working from a theme can help you plan the layout of your tank and create a beautiful finished product.

Incorporate vegetation, aggregates, and features to build a rich underwater environment that's sure to impress. While you could go the classic nautical route, there are countless themes to choose from. Let your imagination run wild.

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The Top Aquarium Decoration Ideas

Your aquarium should be a daily source of fascination and joy. But to make it truly special, you'll need these aquarium decoration ideas as a jumping-off point.

There's really no limit to how far you can take your creative vision when designing a home aquarium. We hope this guide has inspired you to upgrade your aquarium today.

If so, check out the rest of our blog for other helpful guides.