Are you struggling with a new pet? Or maybe you've had a pet for a long time, but there are things you feel like you might be getting wrong.

We want to give our pets the best life possible—after all, they're part of the family! But it's not easy looking after a pet, especially when they're young and uncontrollable. Nobody is perfect, and we can all make mistakes.

There are a number of pet owner mistakes that are avoidable, and we're going to take a look at 6 of them—keep reading to learn how you can avoid them!

1. A Dog Is for Life...

You know the old saying, but it's so true. Dogs can be a popular Christmas gift—on top of the excitement of a Christmas present comes the added excitement of a cute puppy.

But it's a bad idea to impulsively bring a pet into the home without first considering if it's good for your family and good for the dog.

Here are a few things to consider before bringing a pet home;

  • Can you afford it? 
  • Do you have time for helping pets exercise?
  • Is your home ready for it?

Try not to get a pet just because you think it would be nice!

2. Dental Care

Another mistake that pet owners sometimes make is neglecting their pets' teeth and gums. It's easy to assume that dental chew sticks are enough, or that your pet's teeth don't need as much attention as your own, but this isn't true.

Ideally, you'd brush your pet's teeth every day—that may not be totally realistic, as we can even forget to brush our own! In fact, getting a monkey as a pet might even help us there, as they naturally clean their teeth just as regularly as humans!

Check out this page to learn more about having a monkey as a pet.

3. Small Pets Are Easier... Right?

Wrong! It's easy to assume that having a hamster or a gerbil is infinitely easier than a dog or a cat. While hamsters are lower-maintenance than larger pets, they still require you to be disciplined with cleaning, feeding, and encouraging exercise.

The size of a pet doesn't necessarily determine the level of care it needs.

4. Don't Be Afraid to Discipline

Puppies are cute, there's no doubt. But don't let your emotions get the better of you when your little dog flashes those puppy eyes when it decides to chew your sofa.

Discipline is an important aspect of life and this is all the more true when it comes to training pets, especially dogs. There are great resources online for how to discipline a pet.

5. Neutering or Spaying Isn't Mean

Some people think that having their pet neutered or spayed isn't natural and will cause long-term harm to their pet.

In fact, neutering or spaying your pet is vital for controlling and disciplining them. It also prevents accidental breeding among communities.

Don't Make These Pet Owner Mistakes

Don't worry if you've already made some of these pet owner mistakes - it's never too late to start making changes, even if it might be a little more difficult once your pet is past its infancy.

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