Over a quarter of American households own at least one pet cat. Those homes that do have an average of 1.8 cats, making multi-cat families common.

Unfortunately, a recent survey showed people who own cats are less likely to spend money on their felines. While easier (and often less expensive) than dogs, cats require a lot of attention and care.

If you want a happy cat, there are some things you can do. But how to be a good cat owner? Continue reading to learn five ideas to try for a happy and healthy cat.

1. Upgrade Their Feeding Station

Choosing quality food for your cat is essential to their health, as is providing fresh, clean water. If you have other types of pets, you may want to consider placing your cat's feeding station on an elevated surface. Choosing a dog proof cat feeder may also be a good idea for multi-pet households.

2. Keep the Litter Box Extra Clean

Cats can be extra picky about where they use the bathroom, so keep the litter box extra clean. It should be scooped out once a day and deep-cleaned once a week or every other week. Old litter should be dumped out during a deep cleaning, and the box should be sprayed with a pet-safe enzyme cleaner.

Remember, for multiple cat households you need one litter box for each cat plus one. For example, if you have two feline friends, you need three litter boxes. Multi-cat homes will want to place litter boxes in at least two different locations.

3. Give Them a Variety of Toys

Cats may seem like easy pets, but they're playful and intelligent, which can cause them to become bored quickly. Offer your furry friends a variety of toys to keep them entertained. Jingle balls, crinkling balls, string toys, and more are both affordable and fun.

4. Chances To Be up High

A happy cat is one who will have chances to be up high. This is because instincts tell the cat that higher perches are safer, as this is what they did in the wild. Tall cat trees and wall or window perches can help provide elevated surfaces for your cats.

5. Regular Vet Checkups

All pets require regular vet checkups and cats are no exception. If your cat hasn't already, it's essential to fix them and get them their shots. After you'll want to take your feline to the vet once a year and as needed for emergencies.

More Questions About Having a Healthy and Happy Cat?

Cats require attention and care like any other animals. The five ideas above can help you try for a healthy and happy cat, no matter how long you've had your feline friend.

Do you have more questions about how to have a healthy and happy cat?

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