Have you been thinking of adopting a dog? You might even have a list of pros and cons already. In 2020 we’ve lived through a year of unexpected things, so why not make 2021 the year you adopt an unexpected blessing?

So many of us have been there wondering if they are truly prepared to let a new dog into their lives. I’d like to expand your horizon on 5 reasons you should adopt a dog today

1. You will save a loving dog

It’s no secret what takes place in animal shelters that don’t have a no-kill policy. By adopting a pup or adult dog from a shelter you are truly saving it from passing away.

The choice is all yours whether you would like to adopt a puppy, teenage dog (as I like to say), or adult dog. If you choose to adopt a puppy be prepared to possibly night feed, potty-train, and pup proof your home! Adopting an adult dog is just as amazing because some may even be trained, and are ready to be the pet you’d be proud of.

The ASPCA says about 670,000 dogs are euthanized every year. If you adopted you could be part of a movement standing against shelter euthanasia. I know those dogs would be overwhelmingly thankful to have an owner like you! There is a loving dog for everyone in a shelter or rescue center, so go find that special doggy that you connect to.

2. The joy it can bring during the pandemic

Let’s face it ever since the coronavirus life is totally different. We are now hyperaware of everyone around us at the grocery store, and we might even know our family members just a little bit better. For some it has brought on creativity ,and others it has inspired them to get a Pandemic Puppy. The rise in pet adoptions during the coronavirus is causing some shelters to run out of dogs to give for adoptions according to the Washington Post.

There is great reason to believe that so many people are benefiting from adopting and caring for dogs during the Pandemic. The mutualistic relationship between humans and dogs will continue and grow in 2021.

This time can often make us feel anxious, scared, and isolated but having a canine companion could help make your worries fade away. Dogs are loyal, protective, and incredibly smart.

They love their owners sometimes more than their owners love themselves. It’s so lucky to have an amazing dog who not only loves and understands you, but will go to great lengths to show it.

3. You join the family and support of others that have adopted dogs

For those that are curious I went on Facebook and searched in groups ”dog adoption” and there were at least 10 different groups of dog adoption/ rehoming in my state. One caught my eye with 24k members!

If there are that many dog adoption enthusiasts near me think about how many could be right next door to you. There are plenty of people just like you who are thinking about adopting or already have adopted dogs near you!

Think about how many friends you could make just because you love dogs. I have countless friends who adore there pups just like I do.

Depending on where you adopt you could also gain an entire group of volunteers/employees to help you with any questions or advice you might have about caring for your new addition. It always feels better to walk into a new situation with someone guiding you through it.
Utilize dog adoption resources and talk to people that have done the same and work or volunteer at shelters!

4. The wonderful experiences and memories

When I first got my dog Angel I was 5 years old. She was just a puppy and she was terrified! She was heavy (for 5 year old me) but I mustered up the strength and picked her up so she could sit on my lap. My family and I have pictures of her riding home in our van with my siblings, and I taking turns with our new puppy on our laps.


It’s almost an understatement to say we quickly fell in love with her. Those beginning moments started a 15 year relationship with Angel and I. Though I’ve moved out with my own family now, I visit my parents weekly and spend time with my very first dog.

Those are the kind of memories you will never forget, and that’s why you should seriously consider starting a dog adoption story of your own.

Once when I was 8 my mom left me home on accident and took my siblings to run errands thinking I was also with them. Of course, It started storming suddenly as soon as they left ,and I was scared to death that my house was gonna get swept up in a tornado.

My dog had gotten hit my a car and broke her leg a few months prior and was recovering in a room size cage we put her in sometimes. I opened that cage right up and sat with my dog to feel safe and protected. We stayed there until my mom came home and figured out she’d left me on accident.

That is a memory engraved into my heart that I won’t ever forget. Angel was there for me when I needed it and I was so thankful.

5. You will gain a loyal friend

Dogs are some of the most loyal creatures on the planet. If you google why they are so loyal you’ll get a multitude of theories and explanations. My favorite one is loyalty is a natural behavior for dogs. I mean it makes sense right? It explains why they start barking when you’re rough housing with one of your friends, and when you get hurt they stick right by your side.

There are plenty of dogs out there that compliment many different kinds of people. For example, my friend Erin has a husky who loves being active and exploring new places which is perfect her because she loves the same thing. When you have a dog you will learn about them and often times they have unique characteristics and personality traits! A dog’s emotions are often just a pet away.

by Noah Austin

Dogs can definitely be handfuls, but they bring so much joy and playfulness! Having dogs in my life has made me a better person. From one dog lover to another go for it!