Heroic cats are newsworthy cats. We often hear stories about people saving cats and kittens from horrific circumstances. We also hear a lot about how humans treat cats and other animals with exceptional cruelty. There are fewer stories about how heroic cats save their humans and we typically read even less about their bravery than their dog counterparts.

Cats are adorable and despite their reputation for aloofness and sleeping all day, these reports confirm they are capable of far more. Hitting the news demonstrates their true feelings about their human guardians and the difference they make in everyday lives. Come with us on a journey of cat discovery to find out just how newsworthy these devoted felines can be.

1. Black Heroic Cat Prince Ozzy Rescues Owner From Fire

In January of 2018, guardian Sharon Kane woke up because her feline companion Prince Ozzy was behaving strangely. Ozzy was frantically slapping at sleeping Sharon’s face to warn her of a fire that had erupted in her apartment building in Belfast, helping her to narrowly escape a gruesome death.

Sharon was taking medication for a health issue that kept her sedated, making Ozzy’s job more difficult. Luckily, Sharon woke up and was able to open a window and signal to emergency services that she needed help. Appropriately, this heroic cat received a nomination to win the Cats Protection National Cat Awards.

2. Pudding Saves Newly Adopted Owner From Diabetic Coma

Pudding and friend Wimsy’s lives went through a permanent change when June of Sturgeon Bay made a spontaneous decision, Wisconsin decided to rescue them from the local animal shelter. June did not realize at the time how Pudding would return her kindness hours after arriving home. Although June had received a childhood diagnosis of diabetes and was familiar with precautions, no one could have predicted that she would suffer a diabetic seizure during the night.

Aware that his new guardian was in great danger, Pudding leaped into action. He sat on June’s chest to wake her but when that didn’t work, he started nipping at her face. June woke up and weakly tried to call her son Ethan for help.

When her son did not hear her, heroic cat Pudding dashed to Ethan’s room and began nudging him until he woke up and was able to call emergency services. Now, Pudding is June’s permanent therapy cat and has received training that keeps him on high alert to warn June before her sugar levels drop to dangerous levels.

3. Viral Video Captures Tara Saving Young Jeremy From Dog Attack

Four-year-old Jeremy was happily playing in his parent’s driveway when a dog attacked him, grabbing at his small leg. Tara the brave tabby cat immediately raced into protection mode when she saw her young charge under grave threat. After successfully chasing the neighbor’s dog away, Tara returned to Jeremy’s side to protect him from any further danger.

The neighbor’s dog also bit mom Erica when she ran to assist her child. What was amazing is that Tara was not in the slightest bit intimidated by this canine attacker. She courageously darted toward the strange dog, sacrificing herself to protect her young master.

Just to make sure that the arrogant dog would not return, Tara chased after it again to make sure that the dog knew that destiny was on her side. Jeremy received 10 stitches on his leg and lived to tell the tale—thanks to Tara the heroic cat.

4. Fast Action By Gracie Saves Her Guardians From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

During February of 2017 in Reedsburg, Wisconsin Kevin and Annette Shanahan were enjoying a quiet evening at home. Their children went out to party at 10 p.m. while Kevin and Annette prepared for bed. By 1 a.m., Annette was in trouble. Experiencing painful chest pains, she got out of bed and managed to reach a chair in the couple’s bedroom.

Gracie started meowing and clawing at the bedroom door. She made enough of a commotion to alert Keven who then helped Annette downstairs. Emergency services were called, effectively saving the couple from carbon monoxide poisoning.

A flap on the water heater had frozen over, causing a build-up of this poisonous gas in the home. If it had not been for Gracie the tabby cat, neither Kevin nor Annette would be with us today. Gracie has proven her courage to take her place alongside other heroic cats across the globe.

5. Cat Missy Takes On The Role Of A Medical Professional

Angela Tinning of Lemington, Newcastle shares how her adopted kitten began pawing at her breast shortly after bringing her home. Angela thought Missy’s behavior was strange but as Missy continued her peculiar action, she became concerned. As intuitive as cats are thought to be, Angela used Missy’s behavior as a warning and went for a medical check-up.

Thank goodness that she did as the doctor diagnosed her with pre-cancerous cells in her breast—the exact location of Missy’s pawing attention. If not for Missy’s weird conduct, Angela’s condition might have worsened beyond the point where treatment could have saved her. Instead, Missy took on the role of a medical professional, proving that cats are awesome. Not surprisingly, Missy received a nomination for the National Cat Awards and vied with close competitors to win this prize.

6. Russian Cat Masha Achieves Worldwide Fame For Her Good Deed

Heroic cats saving lives come from all over the world. International Russian cat hero Masha made headlines when she saved a baby from freezing to death in Obninsk. A baby boy was abandoned in an apartment block stairwell. A packet with a few nappies, a bottle of baby milk and some clothes lay next to the poor child.

Masha came to the baby’s rescue by heating his fragile body with her own. On top of keeping him warm, Masha tried to attract human attention by repeatedly meowing for help. This help finally came when an apartment dweller went to see what all the noise was about. Thinking that Masha was being attacked, Nadezhda Mokhovikova went downstairs. She found that the mewling sounds were coming from the infant and not Masha as she had first thought. Nadezhda then called for help, and the baby boy was sent to the hospital where he was found to be okay despite his ordeal.

7. Koshka The Cat From Afghanistan And Staff Sgt. Jesse Knott

Cat tales of heroism continue to pop up around the world. Staff Sgt. Jesse Knott rescued a kitten while on active military duty in Afghanistan. He had no idea how much of a positive impact this tiny kitten would have on his life at the time. Knott noticed how the kitten had suffered abuse and injury and knew she would not survive without intervention.

Knott nursed Koshka back to life but then underwent several traumatic setbacks. One was losing several platoon members to a suicide bomber. The other was trying to cope with a failing marriage. Both events drove him to want to commit suicide. Koshka’s timely intervention was just the thing to show Staff Sgt. Knott that there was hope. Being among the heroic cats in the world, she head-butted him, mewed, and generally would not leave him alone.

Koshka’s sensitivity comforted Knott sufficiently to cancel his meeting with death. Instead, he focused on bringing Koshka home with him to Oregon City to live with his parents. While Staff Sgt. Jesse Knott focused on saving lives and animals, heroic cat Koshka did the same for him.

8. Joey The Lucky Black Cat

Joey did everything he could to alert owner Scott White that he was in danger—from his own cooking escapades. The Crock-Pot was doing its job safely when Scott went to bed one night. A while later, a disturbed Joey contronted Scott and would not leave him alone. Joey’s anxious pacing and purring aroused Scott’s suspicions that something was amiss.

Following Joey’s lead, Scott headed to the kitchen and managed to switch the burning Crock-Pot off before it could reach deadly proportions. Once again, the gratitude of this heroic cat is evidence of how these invaluable companions are willing to risk their lives to save others.

9. Homer The Blind Who Thwarted A Human Cat Burglar

The man who broke into Gwen Cooper’s home may not have been a cat burglar, but probably had far worse intentions. He did not count on being confronted by a protective, blind Homer who would do everything to save his mom from harm though. Homer launched himself into the air, landing on the intruder and proceeded to emit creepy caterwauling sounds while ripping him to shreds with her sharp claws.

Being blind is no reason to hold back from living life to the fullest. Homer understood this and enjoyed the extra attention after his heroic action saved Gwen from unthinkable harm. Regrettably, Homer has now passed away, but his memory lives on in our hearts.

Nine heroic cats. Nine human lives were saved. Heroes come in all forms and shapes and our feline companions are masters when it comes to protecting their humans from harm. Equally, all cats deserve our love and our protection because they have shown themselves to be as emotional and compassionate as the best of their human guardians.