Looking for a great name for your pet? Take a look at this guide for the best German Shepherd Names: Boys and Girls!

German shepherd names: boys and girls
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Probably one of the most fun aspects of getting a little German Shepherd puppy is naming him/her. However, this can be a stressful task, especially for people with a big family who all have to come to an agreement on the name. After all, it’s important that you choose a name that you or your whole family loves and one that fits your special pup.

There are a lot of factors that will help you find the perfect name for your puppy. You might focus on their physical appearance, personality, or maybe a random habit they’re constantly doing. On the other hand, you might just want to pick a popular name you like solely because you are fond of it. Whatever you decide, the guide below will help you come up with some great ideas for the name of your best friend.

Here are the top five most common names for boy and girl German Shepherds as of 2015:

  1. Max
  2. Bear
  3. Buddy
  4. Duke
  5. Rocky
  1. Lady
  2. Sadie
  3. Sasha
  4. Sheba
  5. Bella

Unique German Shepherd Names

German shepherd names: boys and girls
Photo by Christoph Schmid on Unsplash

Most of us want our dogs to stand out as much as possible. We like the idea of our dogs being one of a kind. But what are we to do if we want our dogs to have a noteworthy name? Uncommon names not only make for great conversation starters, but they’ll make your German Shepherd even more special than they already are. However, finding a name that is unique to you and your pup isn’t as simple as it sounds. There are a lot of elements you should take into account before deciding on a particular name.

What Kind of Dogs Are German Shepherds?

You might start drawing inspiration based on what you already know about this special breed. German Shepherds are one of the most loyal dogs you will ever come across. Their protective and intelligent nature is often what captures people’s attention. Moreover, these pups are known to be one of the top best watchdogs. Their fierce dedication is what makes for such great relationships with their owners. Also known for their use as police dogs, they carry a certain strength and safety other dogs don’t. Their distinct personality alone makes them worthy of the most special name you can find.

That said, these dogs can be labeled as aggressive, cold even. They aren’t really friendly to strangers or dogs they haven’t seen before. This is because they see these things as potential threats. Once again, this is a result of their protective nature. They’ll act out in order to shield their loved ones. However, this cold exterior is the wall they put up in an attempt to keep themselves safe.

Initially, they are reluctant to trust people they don’t know, but once you show your dedication and love towards them, they’re happy to reciprocate it. They are extremely obedient. Because of this, they’re very easy dogs to train. In fact, they love the idea of following and pleasing their owners. It gives them a sense of purpose.

German shepherd names: boys and girls
Photo by Aalap Pathak on Unsplash

Names Based on Personality

Now that you have a general overview of what a German Shepherd’s personality is like, you might stick to names that correlate with their qualities. For instance, German Shepherds are loyal, faithful, strong, and very intelligent. You may want to focus on names that match these characteristics.

Here are a few names that match a German Shepherd’s unique character:

Male Names
  • Anax “Greek for ‘military ruler'”
  • Archer “Latin for ‘bow'”
  • Ares “God of War in Mythology”
  • Axel “German for ‘father of peace”
  • Besnick “Albanian for ‘loyal'”
  • Brick “English for ‘reliable'”
  • Brutus “Latin for ‘muscular'”
  • Cal “French for ‘faithful'”
  • Dane “English for ‘dweller in the valley'”
  • Heath “English for ‘the heathland dweller'”
  • Holt “English for ‘son of unspoiled forests'”
  • Jax “American origin for ‘powerful'”
  • Knox “English for ‘strong-willed””
  • Malik “Arabic for ‘king'”
  • Stone “English for ‘mason'”
  • Waren “German for ‘loyal'”
  • Wayde “English for ‘political or national strength'”
Female Names
  • Alaska “means ‘Great Land’”
  • Arma “Romanian origin ‘weapon’”
  • Aslan “Turkish origin ‘lion'” 
  • Asteria “Greek origin ‘goddess of falling stars'” 
  • Astrid “German origin ‘Divine strength or beauty”’
  • Athena “Greek origin ‘War Goddess'”
  • Bailey “Wall that protects a castle”
  • Elexis  “Defender of mankind'”
  • Erma “German origin ‘War goddess'”
  • Fia “Scottish origin ‘Dark of peace'”
  • Frieda “German origin ‘Peaceful ruler'”
  • Heart “Strongheart”
  • Ida “German origin ‘worker'”
  • Rebel “fights a ruler or government”
  • Widow “Comes from the spider, Black Widow”
  • Zelda “Dark battle”
German shepherd names: boys and girls
Photo by Nigel Tadyanehondo on Unsplash

Names Based on Physical Appearance

Rather than focusing on personality, you may choose to focus on their physical appearance instead. There are an abundance of rare names that hint at your dog’s appearance as well as their personality. This mystery is what often adds to the allure of the name. These names all have multiple meanings but stick within the realm of color.

Names for Black German Shepherds
  • Amaya “night rain in Japanese”
  • Artemis “the moon goddess”
  • Bean
  • Bear
  • Black Beauty
  • Blackberry
  • Blackjack
  • Bran “raven”
  • Cocoa
  • Cola
  • Cole
  • Darth “Darth Vader”
  • Domino
  • Ebony
  • Eclipse
  • Espresso
  • Eve
  • Hershey
  • Indigo
  • Kuro “black in Japanese”
  • Licorice
  • Midnight
  • Noir
  • Onyx
  • Oreo
  • Raven
  • Sable
  • Shadow
  • Smoky
  • Storm
Names for White German Shepherds
  • Angel
  • Angelina
  • Artemis “Greek Goddess of the moon”
  • Bianca “Italian for ‘white'”
  • Blanca “Spanish for ‘white'”
  • Celeste
  • Chardonnay
  • Diamond
  • Dove
  • Flo
  • Glimmer
  • Iris
  • Ivy
  • Luna
  • Misty
  • Molly
  • Noelle
  • Pearl
  • Periwinkle
  • Rosalba “Latin origin ‘white rose'”
  • Rose
  • Snowflake

Whatever you choose to name your German Shepherd, make sure it’ll hold some meaning for you and your dog. At the end of the day, it is just a name. The main thing that matters is that you treat your new pup with the same respect they’ll give you. If German Shepherds are anything, they’re devoted. They will give every ounce of themselves to their owners. Just like every other dog, they want an owner that loves and cares for them. Show your appreciation. Names are important, but maintaining the bond with your German Shepherd is the most crucial aspect of all.

German shepherd names: boys and girls

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