… dialogue is the key to breaking down the walls of isolation and reversing the decline of life-to-life…Vinessa Elizabeth, American Film Actress


In today’s world many people have found isolation more comforting than trusting the next human person.  Nonetheless humans have formed lifelong bond with house pets.  Dogs particularly apart from cats have served more so as owners’ protectors. Finding a decent dog requires a lot; in the sense that actual or likely dog owners need to be informed.  

  1. HEALTHY DOG CLAWS Trimmed dog claws reduce likely infections. Otherwise, long dog claws could affect your dog’s stroll due to abnormal growth. In rare cases, dogs suffer injured or infected dewclaw (inner claw) or worst cancerous tumors.  Therefore, healthy dog claws would also mean less anxiety for their human companions.
  2. DOG ON WALKS On healthy claws a walkway stroll, indeed by guide dogs should certainly be a beautiful sight of unbothered companions enabling blind humans to focused on intuitive walk-along.
  3. EXCELLENT COMPANIONSHIPThe Irish Wolfhound, a big companion dog or any other supersized canine friend remains a good family friend. A calm and collected dog at that size invariably indicates an attentive loyalty. As companions such dogs would have passed basic obedience tests, while learning new human directives. To that extent service other than companion dogs, like sheepherders would also guide animals, not just persons with disabilities. Else more specifically golden retrievers with calm and loving personalities are at home with human owners.
  4. DOG TRAINING:  An incompletely trained dogs usually show-off bad habits that can be broken fairly quickly with persistence and patience.  Potting or housebreaking remains a primary training need for homed dogs. Untrained ones with incomplete training need behavior management need to master basics and gradually flow into advanced stage for mental stimulation and endearment to owners. 
  5. DOGS HOMING:  Many dogs who have adjusted to particular homes hardly want to be outside. Especially in bad weathers, such dogs will be comfortable at playing with toys. Tiny ones or those with light furs are used to playing with toys.  They are more so used to eliminating waste away from eating, sleep or play areas.And there is no dog-excitement like from ones, whose owners have ingrained in them where to do whatever is right. Thus, reward for good dog behaviors promotes intimacy.  Scheduled and paced potty training for puppies and adult dogs could rely on two meals a day.  Objectively external training first followed by indoor orientation, starting with grass -covered plastic sheet serves good.   
  6. TRAINING CLASSES: Specific skills: scent detection, awareness and tricks are good brain exercises. Accordingly calm habitually barking, snarling, growling, bur secured dogs need responsive orientation. A more attentive dog should gain good habits in five, 10 to 15minutes. Thereafter rested and relaxed, following undistracted short trainings should build willingness to get involved. And that includes giving treats after each joyful session.    
  7. DOGS EXPENSES: It is not unusual to spend more on dogs, compared to cats. Unprepared trips to veterinary could happen, especially with pure dog breeds. Compared to mix-breeds, pure breeds give off few puppies, more so with their narrow hips.
  8. DOGS FOOD: Purposely for dogs and other related canines’ consumption dog foods are prepared for meat-eating meals. Certainly, this is checked against sharp, pointed teeth and shorter carnivores’ bowels better for meat consumption than vegetable. They also need digestible starch and glucose.  Ten digesting bowl genes produce enzyme amylase, to break down carbohydrates into simple sugars. This is a lack among carnivores, who are privileged   to scrap table leftovers.  They get essential vitamins, minerals and fiber. Such fortunes come from meat, vegetables, grains and fruits.
  9. DOGS TOYS- Some pups love chewing and if you don’t pay attention your valued possessions will be victims. They bury canines, rip, roll and play on hours. Balls, chew toys, frisbees and tossing toys, interactive toys, light & laser toys and plush toys serve as game partners. Ropes and branded squeak toys from Kong, Nina Ottosson, Trixie, Ferplast, Rosewood and Chuckit among others also serve. They love playtime and there is no such comforting sight beheld by pet parent dogs.  Lavish dog toys are great comforts for easing pup anxiety. Communicating dog toys stimulate pup’s mind, way into enjoyable lives.
  10. DOGS DAYCARE. Doggie daycare compared to in-home offers almost same level of healthy and focused playtime and socialization. They offer dogs that canines-in-spirit friends, with some human contact; except for reduced space. However, a fully-staffed commercial facility offers safety, health and enjoyable training, grooming, double-back rides to and from daycare and walks among other benefits. 
  1. BREEDER DOGS: Pet stores offer top choice for accountable and ethical dog owners. Dog breeders desire to leave dogs with caring owners.  That means they also want to prove their reputation, as breeders of good healthy and good-tempered dogs. They are usually certified by Dog Clubs, who ascertain canine breeding are homebased. Buyers therefore need to ensure reputable, responsible breeding practices are followed. Dog kennel size, exercise areas, cleanliness, state of repair, ventilation, lighting, and overall appearance count. Good breeders don’t want their puppies to ever end up in an animal shelter, or worse, on the streets. The reputable ones do not hesitate to retrieve puppies just to safeguard the overall health or even lives of their dogs. 
    Other sources of dog ownership are online, where pet accessories, canine and feline foods among various pets like fish, birds, rabbits, sheep and goats are on sale.  They also buy owned and rescued dogs at affordable offers.  A range of species of each canine, feline, herbivores and feathered species complement other offers. Such include immediate surgical care, blood transfusion or intravenous fluid therapy to arrest accidents or other pet emergencies. Such cares promote invaluable intimacy between man and animal; even so humanimalia.
  3. SHELTERED DOGS: Adoption of rescued dogs are reversible, if new owners encounter challenges. Rescue kernels or yards require new owners to undergo process that will ensure dogs get into good hands and good dogs also get adopted.  However prospective dog owners must watch out for inbred dogs that are likely to have genetic issues. So, homebound sheltered dogs are either creating spaces for new ones or just simply enabling more space.  Dog adoption is truly a constant cycle of life- saving and humane activity. That is where human and animal dialogue ensues in the real sense in a give and take reversal of the decline of life-to-life. The choice to adopt is exchange of companionship, love and care; maybe between two lonely beings. And there is no gainsaying human and domesticated canines, even felines among others have struck a common accord against circumstances or situations they probably are unable to tolerate.  Man, therefore has that choice to enjoy a beautiful life from a range of adoptable, trainable and loving furry companions.