How often do you find yourself asking the question of which litter box you should get for your cat? Where should I put a litter box in a small apartment? We want our cats to be comfortable doing their business, but also want to ensure that their comfort does not impede on our space.

Everyone wants the best for their furry feline friends. So we are here to help you find out what litter box best suits the needs of you and your cat.

Photo by Litter Robot on Unsplash

There are a few obstacles to tackle when finding the litter box that takes the cake. Do you have the space? Do you want a hidden litter box or do you want it to be out in the open? Do you want a disguised litter box or furniture to hide litter boxes?

So here we have compiled a list that can help you find the purrfect apartment litter box that can take care of each of those needs. If you want to find any of these awesome products, just copy and paste their names as you see them below!

Modern Cat Litter Boxes

When trying to find an apartment litter box that saves space, but still looks cute, it can be troublesome. So, opting for a modern cat litter box is the best bet. Modern cat litter boxes tend to blend in with furniture very well and add a bit of flair to your apartment. Luckily, we have been able to find a few litter boxes that can help you.

  • MS Cat Litter Box, Sikkoon, by Cheerble USA $139.88
MS Cat Litter Box, Sikkoon, by Cheerble USA

The MS Cat Litter Box does an amazing job at keeping a simple, but pretty litter box in your apartment. This chic and subtle litter box offers a unique style to your apartment, but also allows your cat to relieve themselves when they need to.

  1. This litter box is enclosed and made to keep your cat's litter on the inside. With a trackpad located inside the litter box, your kitty's feet will be cleaned of litter on their way out, leaving your floors free of litter. It's enclosed design also allows for less of the "stink" to roam into your apartment.
  2. The MS Cat Litter Box also has a secret compartment on the inside for keeping the litter cleaning supplies for easy access and space saving when it's time to scoop up the you-know-what. Just pop the front out and you're good to go.
  3. This litter box comes in four different colors and doesn't even look like a litter box! It can be placed anywhere around your apartment for a simple, subtle look.
  • IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box $31.99

The IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box is also well suited for apartment spaces because it can easily be hidden among furniture. It's simple, yet sleek design provides your apartment with a unique addition to its collection.

  1. This litter box has a top entry, meaning that your cat enters and exits through a hole at the top of the box, rather than from the side like a conventional litter box.
  2. The benefits to this are that your cat will track less litter throughout your house. It also has the added bonus of having a ridged lid, meaning that even though it has a top entry, the ridges will ensure that your cat's feet remain squeaky clean upon exiting the litter box.
  3. This litter box comes with a litter scooper and a handle on the side of the box for easy storage.

Hidden Litter Box

Hidden Cat Litter Boxes are very interesting types of litter boxes since they blend even better than modern litter boxes do. These two litter boxes both disguise themselves as plant pots.

  • Hidden Cat Litter Planter, by GoodPetStuff  $64.99
Hidden Cat Litter Planter by GoodPetStuff
  • Bundle & Bliss Hidden Litter Box $89.95

These cat litter boxes disguise themselves as a plant pots! They are perfect for any apartment that already has plants (even the fake kind), in order to add some more greenery. No one's the wiser here, except for your cat, which is perfect!

  1. The fact that these litter boxes are completely in disguise as plants are a must have. While GoodPetStuff offers a classic terracotta color finish, Bundle&Bliss offers a vivid white color for those looking for a more modern finish.
  2. These enclosed litter boxes mean that your cat can be as messy as they please while doing their business.
  3. The Hidden Cat Litter Planter by GoodPetStuff even comes with a built in scent filter to trap all the bad odors before it reaches your apartment.

Just as GoodPetStuff mentions "No one will know if your cat doesn’t tell!"

Furniture Litter Box

Hidden Cat Litter Boxes in furniture have their own air of disguise as well. However, these can be seen as being an actual part of your apartment furniture in terms of functionality.

  • Grinnell Litter Box Enclosure, by Tucker Murphy™ Pet $89.99

The Grinnell Litter Box Enclosure allows for your cat's litter box to act as another piece of furniture among your other living room decor.

  1. Hidden as a wooden bench, no one will know whether they are sitting on a modern piece of furniture or your cat's litter box.
  2. Another upside with this piece of furniture is that it is made from recycled materials as well as Eco Non-Toxic ZBoard. That makes this a sustainable litter box for your cat.
  3. This piece of furniture also comes in different colors.
  • Rifiuti, by TuftandPaw $599

Rifiuti by Tuft and Paw offers a cat litter box like no other. This is like the Pottery Barn of Cat Furniture.

Rifiuti by TuftandPaw
  1. If you're really looking to splurge on a cat litter box, then Tuft and Paw has the most brilliantly designed piece of furniture for you.
  2. The Rifiuti Cat Litter Box looks absolutely stunning and works as a table top for other pieces of decoration. It miraculously blends in with any furniture in your household with its sleek but also wooden design. You would never imagine this being a litter box cabinet.
  3. You can add in whichever litter box you find accommodating for your cat in the slot especially designed for a litter box and you are good to go!

Self Cleaning Litter Boxes

Everyone has a life, and whether it be busy or not, it is always more comfortable knowing that where your cat does their business is nice and clean. So self cleaning litter boxes are a must have for anyone too lazy to clean up their cat's stuff throughout the day.

  • ChillX AutoEgg Self-Cleaning Litter Box $399.99
ChillX AutoEgg Self-Cleaning Litter Box, by ChillX

The ChillX AutoEgg Self-Cleaning Litter Box is an amazingly unique option for cat owners who do not want to be cleaning up their pet's messes.

  1. This machine is offered in several different colors and does not need any fancy litter like some other self cleaning litter boxes do.
  2. ChillX says their litter box is quiet and the maintenance cost is minimal!
  3. The modern design of this egg shaped litter box is amazing and shows that you can fit a litter box literally anywhere and still have a neat space!
  • Litter-Robot Connect, by Litter-Robot $499.00

This litter box is from the future and has so many Wifi-enabled options to choose from.

  1. With an app on your phone, this Litter Box enables you to check the litter status of the box, has a drawer full indicator to let you know when it needs changing, an automatic night light for elderly cats to get around at night, a sleep mode to stop the cycle during the night, a timer for how often you want the cycle to continue, and so many more options!
  2. If you want to ensure that your cat's business is taken care of, and taken care of well, then this is the litter box for you.

DIY Hidden Litter Box

Another option for keeping a litter box in an apartment is to Do It Yourself! There are many websites that explain and demonstrate how to make your own litter box compartment that is hidden from view.

  • DIY Hidden Litter Box, by House Tweaking
  1. One such option is provided by House Tweaking. On their website, they explain how they went about make-shifting a hidden litter box out of their large cabinet. They made a hole for their cats to enter and placed a cat door on the opening for a more cohesive look.
  2. This can be an amazing option for those not looking to spend money on a lavish piece of furniture specifically designed for a litter box, but are leaning towards already utilizing a piece of furniture that has a bit of empty space.
  • Add curtains to a piece of furniture to hide your litter box.
  1. This Do It Yourself hack can be seen everywhere online of owners simply placing a small curtain beneath the area where they place their cat's litter boxes in order to conceal it. The best part is that you can use whatever material and style pattern you think is best for this. All you need to buy is fabric!

Open Litter Box Systems

Aside from all the hidden litter boxes we mentioned above, there are also many options of displayed litter boxes that can suit your needs.

  • Hot Litter Boxes Tidy Cats Cat Litter, Breeze, by Tidy Cats $47.48

This litter box system allows for the use of pellet litter rather than regular fine litter and offers a sifter made for the system to be easily used to the owners' convenience.

  • Lurvig, by IKEA $5.99

With the most affordable offer by far, IKEA has an amazing and stylish simple litter box that allows for a sleek look if you want to utilize it as a litter box. They even have a display of the litter box having multiple uses, another, being a holder for a makeshift bed if you put a pillow inside it instead of litter! So if you're looking for a cheap litter box option, this is your best bet.

In the end, the litter box that you choose is up to you and your needs and wants. Each of these litter boxes offers an enclosed option in order to hide the litter from being seen in your apartment and seen as another "thing" taking up space. The enclosed litter box also ensures that if your cat likes to do their business on the sides of the container, that everything is kept inside and not on your freshly polished floors.

These litter box hacks also work well as some functionality in order to save space and be useful in your everyday workflow. We hope we helped you find the best litter box for your apartment. All that matters is that you and your cat are happy and purrfectly accommodated.