Playful Little Critters

Cats are often portrayed as lounging lazily all day, but any cat owner knows that isn’t the reality. Cats need toys and enrichment in their environment, especially indoor cats. There are many ways to keep your cat entertained. Cats are pretty independent pets so many of their toys are “cat powered.” There are plenty of options that your cat will love. Engagement and exercise are important for any pet, but especially the house cat. Indoor cats can often be seen sleeping away the day, potentially gaining some health issues over the lack of exercise. Cat toys are an amazing way to get your cat up and playing around. Many toys that will fit your cat’s personality! It is important to have interaction and play with your cats! This will also help you grow the bond with your fur baby.  Some of the toys that will be discussed are the laser pointer, catnip toys, string wands, cat towers, the simple, yet loved, cardboard box and, my cat’s favorite, the pom-poms!

The Faithful Laser Pointer

That little red dot, running it along your floor. Many cats love this toy. It engages them to run around your home or apartment. Cats can’t resist the small little dot. The little pitter-patter of their feet as they chase it. Doesn’t matter if you have one or many cats. It’s something that can be played and enjoyed with all of their friends. The laser pointer can be a simple dot or some laser pointers come with fun little shapes, such as butterflies and ants. Some laser pointers are even seasonal, like a witch’s hat and Santa. This little toy is also something that you can enjoy and bond with your little fur baby. The laser pointer also allows your cat to tap into their wild instincts and “hunt” something. This is a toy that all cats, of any age, will love.

Catnip Toys

Everyone knows how much cats love catnip. Watching them zone out, whether it be with the catnip spray or a toy that you can fill up with catnip. The fun thing about these toys is that they can be refilled (most of the time), or if they run out of catnip they can still be batted around. These toys can serve many purposes, cats can bat them around, they can carry them, and maybe sometimes play fetch with you! There are endless possibilities. These toys also can come in a bunch of cute different shapes and sizes! The sizes are perfect cat size, especially if your cat loves to carry them around! These toys are also perfect for the cats to stash away. These toys are perfect for cats who love their cat trees or boxes, as they can be taken up into them for the fun to continue. The most popular version of these toys are mice, but you can find ones that look like tacos, llamas, seasonal toys, and just about anything you can imagine!

String Wands
Ever wanted to go fishing for a cat? Well, these toys are for you! String wands are simple and enjoyed by cats who love to run and chase after their toys. There is a wide variety of these toys. They can have little toys on the ends, sometimes filled with catnip. Others have feathers, which can be short feathers or long. Sometimes they have little bells connected to the end of the string wands! Some of these wands have both the feathers and the plush toys! The thing about these toys is they help get your cat, or cats moving. They are something that you can play with them.  Sometimes you may find ones that connect to winds and are battery-powered. These toys are also great for cat families with kids. The kids can use the string wands and have the kitties chase them around the house. They get the kids and cats up and moving and help them bond together! What is better than the pitter-patter of cat paws and children’s laughter!

Cat Towers

Cat towers are an absolute must for any cat household! They come in different sizes; you can find the perfect one for your house! Some are small, perfect for smaller spaces, some come with hiding holes and tunnels for the cat to play in and most likely naps. Cat towers come to, have many different styles that fit one’s aesthetics and what the cats enjoy. Some of these towers have cool fun looks, like maybe a tree or something that would fit a modernist style. Some cat towers look like a piece of abstract art from a museum! There are plenty of perks of getting a cat tree, one being they come with scratching spots so that your furniture doesn’t become a victim to the nails. Depending on the placement of the tower, cats can use them to look outside through the windows. During the warmer months, they may enjoy getting the fresh air the open windows provide. Some cat towers come with places to attach string toys. This adds on places for your cat to entertain itself. The chain typically comes off so you can change out the toys that are attached, or replace them when they get worn out.

Cardboard Box

Everyone’s favorite moment is when their packages get delivered, including your cat! They are hyped because it means they get to play in the box! It’s always fun to watch your cat play and hide in the box! There are many different things one can do with a cardboard box to make it more engaging for your little fur friend. You can cut holes in the box and place toys around it and they can bat at them. Maybe you can play with them by sticking your fingers into the cutout holes and playing with them that way. One can even make the cats a little cardboard fort that allows for even more running and hiding! Put some of their toys in there and you have a place for extra enrichment!


Pom-Poms look as if your cat has pulled them off of an art project or Christmas sweater. They come in a wide variety. Some have sparkles in them and truly look like your cat stole them from your craft room. Others look like little yarn balls wrapped together. These toys are perfect for if your cat is independent and likes playing by themselves. Some cats, like mine, loves to play fetch with them. They are small and light enough for her to carry in her mouth. She loves to bring them to me whenever she wants to play fetch. They are also easy for them to bat around. On occasion, she will swipe them up and toss the pom-poms through the air. The pom-poms are hardy toys and don’t seem to fall apart with the wear and tear that can be inflicted on by the fur babies.

Paper Bags

Another can’t miss toy is the paper bag. Now how can a simple grocery store item be a toy? Well, cats love to hide and play! These are perfect for that. Most bags are slightly bigger than cats so they offer the perfect play space. Some cats even enjoy napping in them! It’s adorable when you walk past and your cat bats at your toes as if they were the prey! The paper bags are easy to put away when not being used or just tossed when done. You will always be able to get another when out grocery shopping. Cats will play with just about anything. Paper bags also allow for fun and interaction in multi-cat households! One may hide with the other chases them around. These may even get your dog involved with playing with the cat.

More Options

There are so many other options for toys for your cats. They can be simple pets to please when it comes to toys! You didn’t even have to go out and spend tons of money on them despite the fact they need to be spoiled. They will sometimes play with things found around the house. One that might be is hair scrunchies! They are just the right size to bat and carry around. Another household object might be the lid off of perfume bottles. They are also something they might enjoy batting around. Just like any toy, some observations and supervision are important. Things like shoelaces and yarn aren’t ideal toys as the cat might try and swallow them!

Just Enjoy

Watching cats play is a really enjoyable experience. They do a lot of cute things while playing. Some cats may chirp and purr during their playtimes. Others might run around like wild cats. It’s adorable to see cats do their hunting butt wiggle and attach a stuffie. Enjoy the moments when they are chasing around the string wands or when they are bringing you pom-poms to toss about. Pat when you walk past the cat tower! Even though cats are independent, they love pets and attention from you! Just have fun!