Cat Health

Protect Your Felines: Common Ways Cats Accidentally Get Poisoned

Cats get into absolutely everything, which makes it easier for them to get into something that could be hazardous for their health. Do you know what chemicals or products are dangerous to your cat? If not, learn more about common ways your cat can accidentally get poisoned and what you should avoid here on Furzly.

Cat Grooming During Winter — Do It Right!

Your cat can have difficulty grooming themselves during the winter, which can result in a host of health problems for them. If you are a cat owner and want to make sure that they are properly cared for in the winter months, here are some grooming tips to keep in mind when the cold approaches!

5 Common Cat Grooming Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Although well-meaning pet owners groom their cats to make sure they stay clean, some grooming habits can result in serious harm. Do you groom your cat? If so, take a look at these 5 common cat grooming mistakes and how you can avoid them in the future!

cat breeds that love water

Six Cat Breeds That Love the Water

Most cat breeds have a reputation of despising the water, but there are a few that are known for their extreme love for the water. If you are curious to know exactly which breeds these are, take a look at these six cat breeds that love the water!