You’ve just adopted a new kitten! His sweet, adorable face and tiny paws melt your heart, but how can you help him grow up to be happy and healthy?

Cats might be cute, but they need special care and attention, especially if they’ll be living indoors. Are you curious about how to make your cat happy and healthy?

If so, keep reading to find five top tips for looking after your indoor cat and keeping him happy, even when you’re not home.

1. A Safe Cat Is a Happy Cat

If you want to know how to keep your cat healthy, you need to keep them safe. Indoor cats shouldn’t be allowed to roam outside, as they aren’t used to it and could easily be hit by a car or injured.

If you have pets, purchase a cat or dog license tag for their collar. This should contain your pet’s name and your phone number so that your pet can be returned safely home if lost.

2. Provide Plenty of Stimulation

Cats love being active, playing, and climbing. To keep your cat happy indoors, provide him with plenty of stimulation, such as toys they can chase, a scratching post that they can climb, and fun balls and catnip toys.

This will keep them occupied while you’re away as well.

3. Set Up a Bird Viewing Station

Cats absolutely love watching birds, since in the wild they would catch and eat them. While you don’t want your sweet cat attacking any birds, you can still provide them with hours of entertainment by building them a bird viewing station.

Build a perch near a window where your cat can sit and watch the birds outside.

4. Bond With Your Cat

Wondering how to keep cats healthy and happy? One of the first things to do after adopting a new pet is to bond with them.

Develop a routine for them, including regular mealtimes and playtime that will help them get comfortable in their new home and help them learn to trust and love you.

5. Purchase Quality Cat Food

Your cat needs quality nutrition to feel his best and have energy, so take the time to learn about your cat’s nutritional needs to make sure you purchase the right food.

This will extend your pet’s life and keep him happy, healthy, and energized.

Use These Tips to Learn How to Make Your Cat Happy and Healthy

Now that you know more about how to make your cat happy, use these tips to get your pet the best possible life! Cats are loving, inquisitive, and funny pets that are sure to become part of the family, so you’ll want to look after them.

If you want to learn more, do some extra research online or talk to your vet, as they can give you plenty of tips on how to care for your gorgeous kitten.

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