As kids, we all wanted to have fish as a pet. Having the company of fish was comforting.

At times, there was no one to talk to, so speaking to our fish was the only option. The night lights shining from the tank made it seem like a cool aquarium.

The only problem with having fish as a pet was cleaning the whole tank. It's probably one of the most tedious and disgusting tasks. Some types of algae grow in the tank after a certain amount of time.

Why wasn't there an easier way to clean the tank? Well, your prayers have been answered. Today you'll learn how to create a self-cleaning aquarium so that you won't have to go through that hassle again.

What is a Self-Cleaning Aquarium?

It's exactly as it sounds. The aquarium cleans itself. You create an ecosystem in the tank, so you don't have to go through the hassle of trying to clean it yourself. Remember when your day looked like this?

  • Remove the fish from the water and transfer them to a bowl of water
  • Next, empty the dirty water
  • Scrub the tank
  • Change the filter
  • Fill the aquarium back up with water
  • Then put the fish back in

After you're done with this, you realize the whole day is gone, and all you want to do is sleep. Maintaining an aquarium shouldn't be this much hassle.

How Does the Aquarium Clean Itself?

That's a great question. As we mentioned before, the green stuff that grows in your tank, algae, is a key reason why your water turns dirty. It's also hard to remove from your aquarium when you're cleaning it.

To combat algae, you can use macroalgae. It absorbs the things that regular algae would live off of and causes them to grow slower. So even if there were a problem with algae in your tank, having macroalgae would be beneficial in dealing with it.

Is It Easy to Set up?

Setting up a self-cleaning aquarium is simple enough. You already know the basics of aquarium life, but adding extra things will help make everyone's lives easier.

All you need are:

  • A great tank
  • A powerful filter
  • Some plants
  • Different types of fish to help clean the aquarium
  • A schedule to help with cleaning the filter

If this isn't enough to help, you can also follow this step-by-step guide to help you set up your aquarium.

Will I Benefit From This?

Yes, you will. The tank cleans itself so you won't have to worry about clearing out a whole day so that you can clean it. This will leave you with plenty of time for the other activities that you love to do.

Also, having a clean aquarium will be better for the fish because they won't swim in dirty water as often as they used to. It will also provide them with food. With minimal interaction from humans, they'll be swimming peacefully in their habitat.

Let Your Fish Help You

Having a self-cleaning aquarium will help you in the long run. You've been cleaning up after your fish for so long, so let them help you.

Feel free to read more of our blog posts to learn more about aquarium maintenance.