People take pride in sharing their adorable Instagram puppies. Instagram is home to millions of lifestyles, personalities, memories, and of course, animals (tons of dogs mainly)! Whether you enjoy seeing dogs cuddling with their owners, adorable pup outfits, or tricks, they’ll brighten up your day for sure! Who doesn’t want to see dozens of fur babies on their news feeds? Normally, you’d see people becoming Instagram famous; however, dogs are proving that they’re capable of showcasing their talent also. As a matter of fact, you may be familiar with some of them. If you’re not familiar with any influencer pups, then that’s okay. We’ll be sharing several of them with you!

Amazing Exposure for Animals and Their Owners

If you’re wondering why people are so dedicated to sharing their dogs on Instagram, then I’ll give you the run-down. We live in a world where business ventures and promotions are constantly booming. Instead of people promoting themselves on Instagram, they share and promote their dogs—and we cannot get enough of them! When pet owners consistently share and market their dogs, this results in a larger social media presence. It doesn’t end there though. Some people do this as a hobby (or to get their own names out there). You may even run into a few dog owners who sell merchandise to promote their animals and themselves. This is a pretty nice side hustle if you ask me! The dogs gain loads of exposure and so do their parents. It’s a win-win deal!

Who’s Ready for Puppy Merchandise?

If you get the chance to take some time out of your day, visit a few dog profiles on Instagram. I bet you’ll discover some pup merchandise! Just like I mentioned before, this is also a part of their social exposure. Aside from their blown-up Instagram accounts, some of your favorite fur babies might have their own websites. Now isn’t that the neatest thing ever? Lots of pet owners sell t-shirts, dog collars, and toys. If you’re lucky, you may see other owners selling their own home-made treats! I’ve bought some great merchandise from a couple of well-known dog owners. By far, they’ve never failed to disappoint me! If you do decide to look around a bit, then you may even find some discounted merchandise at affordable prices. Have fun shopping!

It’s Always Great to Donate!

Some of us donate to charities quite often. There are other people who don’t typically donate or feel the need to—and that’s okay. Some pet pages have links on their profiles for donations to animal charities. That’s pretty amazing to me. It doesn’t have to be much, but it’s always a good idea to donate something. Every single amount counts! is a great donation hotspot. Feel free to donate to also! Many pet owners are very generous. So if you do donate, you may be in for a treat yourself! Who would want to miss out on that opportunity?

Pup Competitions

What comes to mind when you hear of dog competitions? Agility, sports performances, musical performances, and fashion competitions! I’m grateful that Instagram reels and stories exist. They’re nearly the bread and butter of our beloved Instagram platform. With these two charms, you’ll see tons of dog competition-related content. You may be in the mood to see puppies in cute outfits. If so, then check out Cookie the Red Poodle. He has a great sense of style! Whatever your dog competition preference is, I think you’d fall in love with all of them.

9 Instagram Puppies that We Should All Be Following!

Now on to the tail-wagging part that we’ve all been waiting for! I’m getting ready to list 9 famous Instagram puppies that you should follow (if you aren’t following them already). Due to copyright reasons, the images below aren’t the real Instagram pups—just the breeds only. Pet owners work extremely hard to upload their content, so we want to do our very best to respect them. I’ll be linking their accounts in each description. After I introduce all of them to you, go find their pages, click the blue button, and show them handfuls of love. They truly deserve it!

1.) Buddy & Boo the Pomeranians

I know exactly what you’re thinking… Pomeranians are one of the cutest dog breeds alive. And you’re right! They most definitely are. Buddy and Boo have a pretty impressive social media presence. They are siblings to 3 more dogs and a little baby sister (Benny, Blueberry Pie, Bean, and Baby Girl). Buddy and Boo just happen to be the stars of the show! If all of those names aren’t the cutest, then I don’t know what is. They enjoy cuddling with each other and spending time outdoors.

2.) Chloe the Mini French Bulldog

Chloe the Mini French Bulldog passed away, but loyal followers still keep her legacy alive. “Losing Chloe was beyond devastating”, said her owners. Her parents do their very best to ensure that her spirit keeps living on. Chloe has a friend named Emma. She’s also a mini french bulldog and precious too!

3.) Maru Taro the Shiba Inu

When I took a glance at this name for the first time, I read it wrong. I thought it said Naruto—not even kidding. This dog enjoys spending time with its owner, which I think is totally precious! He loves being pet, snuggling in warm blankets, and going for walks. Maru seems to be a very sweet and easy-going dog. He has 2.5 million followers. That’s a lot. I’m pretty sure he would appreciate more support!

4.) Dean the Basset Hound

Do you remember when I said that some Instagram puppies have their own websites? Well, this is one of them! Aside from his Instagram, you can also find him on Dean the Basset Hound is highly well-known to the public. He’s been featured on BuzzFeed, Time Magazine, HuffPo, and more! His supporters are suckers for his long and floppy ears. Dean is one of the most handsome and droopiest dogs you’ll ever see.

5.) Doug the Pug

Doug may be one of the most famous dogs on Instagram. He has over 4 million followers. That’s how many fans he has! Doug the Pug is a huge inspiration to me. He is also one of the biggest entrepreneur dogs out there. He’s even known as the king of pop culture. Now that’s impressive! He’s a 2X People’s Choice Awards Winner as well. Last but not least, he has his own customized Sketchers. Yes I said it—his own mini shoe line. You can purchase his shoes on His owner goes to great lengths to grow his Instagram presence. I should also mention that a shoe line isn’t his only business endeavor. Doug has other merchandise pieces including toys and t-shirts. In addition to that, he partnered with Claire’s and has a ton of cute items there!

6.) Maddie the Coonhound

Dean the Basset Hound isn’t the only dog with droopy ears. In fact, Maddie the Coonhound has them too! If you take a look at Maddie’s Instagram account, you’ll see that she enjoys lounging around—it’s clearly one of her favorite hobbies. Alongside this, she also loves being around her owner, snacking, and climbing on small ladders to reach the tap water fountain! She’s absolutely precious and would love every ounce of your support! Do Maddie a big favor and give her a follow. You won’t regret it! Her dad is also a house builder. Be sure to support him as well!

7.) Lokie the Corgi

Unfortunately, Loki passed away in 2016 from his battle with kidney failure. He had a sudden spike in his blood. He was well-known for putting smiles on everyone’s faces. Loki is actually from one of my favorite places in the world. He’s from Vancouver, Canada! He shares his platform with 2 other dogs (MoMo and Bear). Momo and Bear are also recuse dogs and foster pups. They seem to love nature and dressing up in costumes for the holidays. Loki and his friends also have a website in their bio. You can find them on where they share upcoming news, calendars, photos, and blogs! Aside from Instagram, Loki, Momo, and bear can be found on Youtube and Facebook.

8.) Luna the Alaskan Klee Kai

Besides Luna’s large following on Instagram, everyone is nearly obsessed with her blue eyes. It’s very hard not to fall in love with them. On top of that, she’s from London. She is highly stylish and has the most fun posing and playing in the snow. She’s an awesome model also! If she isn’t doing any of those things, then she enjoys lounging around as an alternative.

9.) Tuna the Chiweenie

Tuna’s name is a bit on the humorous side, but he’s pretty darn hilarious in general! If you’re looking for endless laughs, then do yourself a favor and follow him. His profile picture alone is enough to make your side ache. He’s a traveling pup and enjoys the outdoors. Tuna has another Instagram account specifically dedicated to his traveling adventures. He’s visited more countries and states than I ever have! Tuna has a LinkTree account where you can purchase his plush items and calendars. You can find all of it on I know for a fact that you’ll love him!

That’s a Wrap-Up!

In conclusion, Instagram pups and their owners are doing a great job by sharing amazing content. Dogs are gifted, talented, and have the ability to make your day better! Follow them, engage with them, and share their profiles with the people you know!