Many pet owners can relate to the urge to spoil their pets. Let’s be honest- when your dog has mastered the puppy-dog look, it’s not really a fair fight! But budgeting for your pet is a very real and very important step of being a pet owner. Knowing what to expect cost-wise is a huge factor of picking out the right pet for you. While some dog breeds are relatively low-maintenance, others require a little extra to stay healthy and happy. Today, Furzly will be diving into the world of pomeranians! Join us as we explore what to expect with pomeranian maintenance cost!

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Cost of Obtaining a Pomeranian

One of the most obvious expenses when it comes to getting a new dog is the price of the dog, itself. Toys and necessities aside, more often than not, a dog will come with a price! There are different methods of obtaining a dog, whether it be adoption, a pet store, or directly from a breeder. Each of these options can affect the price of the dog, depending on where you get it from. So in order to explore pomeranian maintenance cost, we first have to examine the pomeranian’s cost, itself.

Depending on which method you choose for obtaining a pomeranian, the typical price ranges anywhere from $100 to $10,000. In most cases, adoption is the least expensive option whereas buying from a breeder is the most expensive. Purchasing from a pet store usually falls somewhere in the middle. In addition, deciding where to get your dog from can be affected by personal preferences. Many dog owners choose to adopt rather than purchase in order to combat the spread of dog breeding and overpopulation. On the other hand, dogs from breeders may come with benefits such as larger varieties, pre-training, and a higher likeliness of sociability.

Another thing to consider, regardless of where your pet is from, is what is included with your purchase. Especially with older dogs, things like vaccines and spay/neutering may already be covered. In that case, you may find that you’ve saved a decent amount of money. Similarly, some places will offer things like “starter kits” with purchase. Toys, food, and beds can all add up in price! Because of this, a place that offers a starter kit may save you money in the long run.

Other Factors

Unfortunately, determining pomeranian cost doesn’t just depend on where you get it from. There are a number of other factors that can boost or lower the price of a pomeranian. To get a better idea of these factors, here’s a small list to keep in mind:

  • Coat color (rare or desirable colors may boost the price of a dog)
  • Age (in general, dogs become less expensive with age whereas puppies are usually most expensive)
  • Lineage (if a dog is descendant from champion pomeranians, it may boost the price)
  • Size (usually, smaller dogs like a toy pomeranian are higher in price)
  • Health/Standard (most dog breeds have specific “standards” provided by places like the American Kennel Club)
pomeranian maintenance cost
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Maintenance After Purchase

Once you’ve actually obtained your pet, it may seem like the hard part is out of the way. However, any seasoned pet owner will tell you that the payments don’t stop there! From basic materials like dog food and toys to more unpredictable expenses like vet trips, dog expenses can add up! The truth is that taking in a new pet is a huge commitment in many ways. To better understand pomeranian maintenance cost, we need to examine some of the life-long needs.

Starting Requirements

Whenever you welcome a new pet into your home, you need to make sure it has what it needs. Taking in a new pet means there are certain things you’ll need to have from the start. When it comes to pomeranians, here are a few must-haves:

  • Dog food (be sure to research which types and brands are best for your pet- including treats!)
  • Food/water bowls (a dog should have distinguishable sources for both food and water, most commonly in the form of a bowl)
  • Leash (leashes are imperative when training dogs to walk, especially in largely-populated areas)
  • Dog bed (it’s always a good idea to have a bed or mat that your dog can distinguish as their own)
  • Kennel/crate (especially for younger dogs, you may need to crate train your pet in the beginning)
  • Traveling Carrier (recommended for vet visits or general travel, especially because they’re small in size)
  • Toys (pomeranians require a lot of stimulation and exercise, which can be gained with toys)

Other Recommended Purchases

  • Dog stairs (as a small breed, pomeranians are prone to injury- this can be combated with stairs for easy access to/from high places)
  • Dog training guide/classes (especially for new owners, it’s recommended to have a guide or instructor for basic training)
  • Snow/rain booties (because pomeranians are small and low to the ground, they’re more likely to be affected by rain and snow)

Health and Grooming Needs

Pomeranians are famous for their adorable looks! As small and fluffy dogs, it’s easy to see why they’re such a popular choice! However, these same qualities mean that they may require some extra care. And with extra care comes extra costs! Here are a few things to consider:

  • Grooming Salon/Supplies (it’s recommended that pomeranians are fully groomed [fur and nails] every month or so, with less-thorough brushing 2-3 times weekly)
  • Toothbrush (pomeranians’ teeth should be brushed regularly as part of their grooming process)
  • Health Exams/Treatments (as small breeds, pomeranians are prone to issues like luxating patella, congestive heart failure, and hypothyroidism)
pomeranian maintenance cost
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In Conclusion

Researching things like ‘pomeranian maintenance cost’ is an important step in picking out a pet. As lovable and rewarding as pets are, it’s no secret they can get really expensive really quickly. Because of this, having an idea of what you’re getting into budget-wise is crucial to preparing for a new pet. Things like initial cost, standard dog materials, and breed-specific requirements can all affect the price. For pomeranians, there are a variety of factors that go into their overall cost. However, I think you’ll find their lovable personalities are well-worth the price!

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