Ok, your puppy doesn’t have a calendar, so they don’t know today is their birthday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate! It might end up being a little more for the parents than the pup, but who doesn’t need one more happy occasion in their lives? Spend today spoiling your best friend, after all, they would do the same for you. Here are some of my favorite ways to live it up with my pup on their special day. 

1. Hit The Local Barkery

Most major cities have bakeries just for your barker now. Find your local puppy pastry palace and get them the peanut butter cookie of their dreams. Don’t have a barkery close to you? No worries. You can find something great at your nearby pet store, by shopping online, or looking up a recipe yourself. Even if you aren’t the best chef, it won’t matter, because anything you make will be filled with love. Your dog’s birthday celebration will be a little sweeter with a special treat from you.

2. Dinner and a Movie

The classic way to spend any birthday, dinner and a movie. After some delicious take out for you, and a nice piece of cooked and unseasoned salmon for them, it’s time to settle into the couch for a feature film. There are a ton of great dog friendly movies to choose from. Your pooch will love to watch their fellow pups on screen, living their best lives. For your dog’s birthday this year, pull out an old family favorite with Beethoven or tug at your heart strings with Marley and Me. There are a ton of great options to choose from… but I would recommend staying clear of Old Yeller. 

3. Get Dressed Up For The Occasion

I’m not suggesting you rent a tux, but your bud might like a bath. Brushed, washed, and dried is a great way to start your puppy’s big day. Next, why not give your pretty lady some jewelry. A new collar with proper i.d. tags is a great birthday gift. 

4. Presents for Your Pooch

When it comes to buying gifts for your pets, there are two main categories: things they need and things they want. While it is always fun to grab another squeaky toy (or three) don’t forget the bigger things on your dog’s birthday. Dog beds need to be replaced every 12-18 months, so it might be time for a new one. If your furry friend is getting older, invest in a set of pet stairs for your bedroom. Their hips will thank you every night when they don’t have to jump to settle into their spot on your mattress. Lastly, if your dog needs to be in a crate when you leave the house, consider switching to a larger play pen. You should never leave your dog crated too long, even within a larger area, but this will offer them a bit more room to lounge.

Oh… and also… get a few more toys. 

5. Take Them on Their Favorite Walk

Today is the perfect day to go on that hike your dog loves. You know which one. It is a little bit farther away, and you get subpar cellphone reception, but your little guy just loves it. Whether it is the beach, the woods, or just the park down the street, go to the spot your bud likes best. This is a great chance to carve out some time and go for the extra-long walk they will really enjoy.

6. Make It A Yearly Thing

You are bound to take a bunch of photos of the fantastic day you guys are having. If your pup will play along, try posing them for a photo. If you are able to capture the same shot every year, you can compile a great flip book of your dog’s birthdays. Whether it is virtual or on your coffee table, this will become a hilarious treasure for years to come. 

7. Hide and Seek Anyone?

You probably can’t close your eyes, count to 10, and expect your puppy has found a closet to duck into. That being said, you can create a fun game for your dog’s birthday by hiding treats throughout the house or yard, and letting your pal discover them on their own. If it is summer, put some water safe toys in a kiddy pool out back. In the fall, try hiding their favorite new bone in a pile of leaves. There are a ton of fun ways you can play hide and seek with your birthday boy.

8. Make It A Puppy Party

Whether it is just one best buddy, or every furry friend from the neighborhood, set up a play date for your dog. You can make it a fun day with party favors for pups and parents alike. Balls and treats for the dogs, and snacks and drinks for the humans, it is sure to be a big hit for everyone that attends. Plus, your pooch will love spending some time with his friends on his birthday.

9. Get Them a Forever Friend

If your dog is a little lonely, and you are able too, this might be a wonderful occasion to adopt a new pet. Your local animal shelter will be able to help you pick out just the right cat or dog to get along with the amazon puppy you already have. Dogs are very social and yours could really benefit from having a furry companion. If it is right for your family, than adopting another pet is the perfect way to celebrate a birthday.

10. Above All, Share Some Love

At the end of the day, a few more pieces of chicken in their bowl, a new collar, and fluffy, fabulous bed are all great ways to celebrate with your pup, but nothing beats a good scratch behind the ear. This birthday spend some extra time just praising your pooch. Remind him that he’s a really good boy. Rub his belly for a few more minute than you usually do. Let him be the lap dog he wishes he was. It is his day, and nothing will make him happier than just spending a little time with you.

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