A simple moment as each week-end when i’m home with my wife and my little cat.
Photo by Jonas Vincent / Unsplash

Is your home meeting the needs of your pet? Pets are family and family should feel safe and comfy at home.

If you're feeling like your house could use a few updates to ensure it's pet friendly, never fear! With a few simple tweaks, you can make your house the perfect haven for you and your little buddy. Read on to learn how.

1. Cover Electrical Outlets

Your pet is your baby, and sometimes they act like babies as they curiously explore. This is why covering electrical outlets is vital for pet safety.

Plug the outlets with child-proof covers. Get cords, and wires up off the floor or out of reach.

Whatever you do, don't leave any electrical appliances or parts within reach of your pet and their teeth.

2. Designate a Sleep Space

Pets are not too different from children in that they thrive on consistency.

Not only does consistency help with their training, but it makes them feel secure and cared for at home. This is why designating a specific place for them to sleep is a great way to make your home more pet-friendly.

Depending on your pet and breed, select suitable bedding to mark their space. You may want to make the area more enticing for your pet by laying out some of their favorite toys.

This will help them understand this is "their" space and you've shown them you care by making it a priority.

3. Install a Pet Door

Really want your pet to feel at home in your house? Give them a way in and out! Pet doors don't have to involve a major construction project.

There are simple options that can be inserted and used with your existing doors, custom doors, screens, and even windows.

Your options for pet doors are wide. You're sure to find one that will fit the needs of your four-legged friend.

4. Hide the Trash

In 2021, Americans spent around $123.6 billion on their pets. Yet too many pet owners forget to purchase one important pet-safety item: a covered garbage can.

Keep your fur baby from eating something toxic, or choking. Cover your garbage can or hide it.

5. Install Baby Gates

Even the best-trained animals may forget where they're "supposed to be," when curiosity gets the better of them. This is why installing baby gates may be one of the most important ways to make your home pet friendly.

Gating the tops and bottoms of stairs can protect your pet from falls, or simply from going where they shouldn't.

Baby gates are also useful if there are areas of your home that are more dangerous to pets. Think laundry rooms or bathrooms.

Making Your Home Pet Friendly Today

A pet-friendly house doesn't necessarily require a bunch of costly equipment or tools. Simple common sense is often all you need to take an inventory of your home and see where any potential dangers lie.

From there, it's just a matter of anticipating potential dangers and considering what your pet might need to feel happy at home.

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