There is still a lot of medical research to be done on the long-term effects of hemp oil on cats. However, many feline pet owners swear by the oil's ability to ease their furry friend's pain and more.

Here are some of the top benefits of hemp oil for cats.

Reduced Anxiety in Cats

One of the best benefits of hemp oil for cats includes reduced anxiety in cats who have separation or general anxiety. Cat anxiety is more common than one may think, and especially so for cats whose human parents work from home regularly.

Did you pick up a kitten during quarantine? They just might have a bit of separation anxiety. Some of the best ways to reduce cat anxiety include giving them adequate playtime and stick to a consistent routine.

However, hemp oil is also a wonderful additional measure to keep your feline friend feeling calm and in control.

Reduced Cat Agitation

Some cats can benefit from the relaxing nature of CBD even if they aren’t typically anxious. In the case of one personal story shared by Kiki Kane, her aging cat was becoming more and more restless and almost, angry, in his old age.

Kane found that giving her cat CBD oil, even in smaller doses, helped ease him back into acknowledging signs of comfort from his humans instead of confused aggression.


CBD is also known for its anti-inflammation effects, which can help in pets with arthritis as well as for those recovering from injuries and surgeries. Most house-cats are either neutered or spayed, which can cause inflammation and tenderness in sensitive places.

CBD oils could be a great addition to their recovery plan in helping any inflammation settle down and any unneeded worry go away. Additionally, it can help calm agitation in pets that are prone to move too drastically post-op.

Hemp Oil Dosage for Cats

Generally, no matter the breed, house cat weights don’t vary too drastically. This is especially true when compared to the various weights and breeds of dogs. Because of this, there aren’t as many variations when it comes to hemp oil dosages when it comes to cats.

About 1.3 mg of CBD per day is generally a good starting dose for cats of 10 pounds, with 6.6 mg of CBD a day being a relatively high dose. Generally, it’s best to start with lower doses and observe your cat’s behavior before deciding to increase or decrease amounts. Half doses can also work- it all depends on the size and nature of your own furry pet.

Best Hemp Oil for Cats

The best hemp oils for cats will offer clear dosing guidelines and ingredient information. Look for positive customer reviews and organic ingredients. It is never a bad option to consult your regular veterinarian, as well!

For more information on hemp oil for cats and other ways to live easier with your pets, read more on our blog today.