Dogs can easily be deemed as the cutest and the most appropriate family pet. History has witnessed their loyal companionship, as they have saved their owners on multiple occasions. They help with the mental health of the owner and turn into a member of the family before people realize it!

Their tag of loyalty is upheld throughout their life as well. If you already own a dog, you are surely nodding to these all. However, if you are not a dog parent already, here is a list of some homely dogs which are underrated. Take a look at the list and decide for yourself, if these adorable creatures deserve a spot in your home!


Chihuahuas are quite the star of the show! They are known to have a big personality. They are relatively smaller in size and are known to be the smallest breed! One of their greatest qualities can be defined as being great companions. They prove to be perfect pets- for both large mansions and small apartments, owing to their accommodating nature and minimum spatial requirements- when treated rightly. Raising a happy Chihuahua can be a tad bit taxing. As a dog parent, unlock the mysteries of this parenthood through reading and research. Literature should help you sail through the delightful experience!

Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel is the adorable crossbred who has two distinct types, the American and the English. Both of these breeds nourish the marked characteristics of a very loyal and gentle dog. They are excellent around the elderly, owing to their demure and reserved attitude towards the world. This loving house companion is great around children too.

Many think that they are perhaps the best breed for the first-time dog owner. To secure yourself financially, you can consider lemonade pet insurance, to ensure the best healthcare for your loving dog. Because it’s actually not practical to foresee your pet getting into trouble. Hence, the safety net of an insurance is highly recommended for every owner who cares about the health of their pet.


Poodles are popularly acknowledged for their even temperament and polite behavior. Families adore their energetic and playful presence in their space. They are known to be very intelligent and affectionate towards their owners and people-loving dogs. A variety of coat colors can be expected out of this breed. They are classified based on their size. A significant factor about Poodles has to be their long life span. However, anxiety can make them snap out.

Cavalier King Charles

Cavalier King Charles has a distinct tone of character about them. They are classified as a small breed of spaniel, which is extremely popular with their owners. Their dependent nature makes them well behaved, people pleaser. Though, they can get very anxious if abandoned for a significant period.

This nature is reflected in their barking and destructive chewing. Overlooking this minor drawback, they are known to be true miniature showmen. Their lively personalities are perfectly suitable for children and the elderly. Their leadership and adaptive characteristics can make them true role models for even humans!


The well-natured and amiable Beagle is a small smell hound. This unique blend of characters makes them ideal to be guard dogs for families. Their well-tempered nature and friendly attitude around children make them perfect to be considered for pet dogs. Their low maintenance cost and independent nature are two key components for their growing popularity for all families. They are known to be energetic and sturdy too. A little attention is all they need to fuel their inquisitive, good-naturedness. All these facts mount to make them excellent companion dogs, who are small in size.


This last breed of dog is notably different from the others dogs on the list, especially in terms of their size. However, their large size does not make them undesirable or difficult to pet. On the contrary, their adorable drooling habits make them very homely and comforting.

This instinctive assistance and well-mannered nature, has rightly earned them the name of ‘nature’s nanny’ and the ‘nanny dog’. They are outgoing, smart and curious. They are very versed with the gentle attention a child needs and makes for a perfect companion.

They are easy to train and thoroughly enjoy the company of their human family as well. Though one might not associate them with guarding and protection, their loyal attributes make them great protectors.


Whether you desire a great Newfoundland or a tiny Chihuahua, every dog is special and precious in its unique way. They deserve every protection and love that humans can offer them. These particular breeds of dogs have lively attitudes and immense capabilities to be your ideal companion. The next time you see any of these breeds or decide to be their parents, do not forget to shower extra love!