It's time to whip it good. The Whippet is the 55th most popular dog breed in the United States.

You may have seen a Whippet and wondered what is so special about it. It seems like a small and innocuous dog. But there is a lot that distinguishes Whippets.

How do Whippets run? What is the Whippet history like? How can you live with a Whippet, including inside of an apartment building?

Answer these questions and you can decide if a Whippet is the right dog for you. Here is your quick guide.

1. Whippets Are Fast

Whippets are very fast dogs. Some can run up to 35 mph, which is roughly the same speed as Greyhounds.

Whippets run using double suspension gallops. This means that they place all four feet on the ground when they land. When they spring into the air, they lift off on all four feet, allowing them to travel a long distance in one bound.

The name, "Whippet," may come from the dog's speed. "Whip it" is an idiom that means go quickly.

2. They Have a Long History

The first recorded records of Whippets date back to the 17th century. Whippets were classified in several different dog breeds, though they often lay in the best dog breeds. Writers did not create an independent breed for them until the 19th century.

British businesspeople and millers brought Whippets into the United States. They became popular amongst the lower classes, though people of all income levels buy them today.

3. They Are Thin

Whippets are very thin yet lanky animals. In particular, Whippet puppies have very little body fat.

This means that you need to be careful with them during the wintertime. Buy sweaters that wrap around their bodies while giving them mobility to run. Add additional bedding so that they can remain warm at night.

4. They Are Sociable

Whippets are among the friendliest dogs. But they do need a lot of social engagement. You should not leave your dog on its own for a long period of time.

Take it out for walks and give it opportunities to meet strangers. Make sure you train it so it can meet people without jumping on them. They do not interact well with cats, so do not let your dog near one.

5. They Can Live in Apartments

Whippets are the best dogs for apartment residents. Yet you cannot bring your dog into your apartment without proper resources.

You need to give them room to run around in. You can give them a spare bedroom and install a fence around the perimeter. If you want your Whippet dog to act as a watchdog, you should give it a bed near your front door.

It can become sick by eating upholstery or food that falls on the floor. Make sure to get the best pet insurance for Whippets.

The Most Important Facts About Whippets

Whippets have a lot of surprises. They are amongst the fastest dogs, with top speeds that rival racing dogs. They come from England, and dog owners have loved them for four centuries.

They are very thin, which means they need winter coats. Yet they become animated when they see strangers. Keep them on the leash so they don't knock people over.

You can select a Whippet if you live in an apartment. But give them space to run around.

Whippets are just one type of dog you can buy. Learn about other dog breeds by following our coverage.

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