Want the perfect toy for your pup? Take a look at the top 7 best dog toys of 2020!

Finding the ultimate dog toy for your dog can be hard. Some dogs like larger toys that make obnoxious noises, while other pups like a small and quiet toy to play with. Toys are essential in keeping our dogs satisfied while we’re busy. Choosing the right toy for your dog may be a little more time consuming than you think. Although most dogs aren’t picky, they’ll need a toy to last them more than a few hours. Here is the list Top 7 Best Dog Toys of 2020!

1. Food-Stuffing Toy: Kong Classic

Top 7 Best Dog Toys of 2020

This toy has been around for quite some time yet remains one of the best food-stuffing toys for pups. The Kong Classic is made up of hard red rubber, allowing for its ultra-durable tendencies. However, don’t be fooled. Although the kong is known for its durability, it’s chewable in all the right ways without straining your pup’s teeth. Furthermore, the bouncy red rubber will be sure to keep your dog focused.

Simply fill the kong with a mix of your dog’s favorite food or treats and you’re good to go. Time is extremely flexible when it comes to this toy. It’s simple: the more food you stuff into the kong, the longer your dog will spend trying to eat all of it. Once your pup has finished finding their food, just soak the kong in warm water and use a bottle brush to scrape the insides.

2. Textured Toy: Gnawsome 4.5” Spiky Squeaker Ball Dog Toy

Top 7 Best Dog Toys of 2020

Although this toy is rather simple, it does an extremely great job at entertaining dogs. The bright color of this toy is sure to get your pup’s attention. Moreover, its spiked and textured surface will improve your pup’s dental health greatly. This extra large ball is ideal for medium to large pups. However, you can always purchase a smaller size for miniature pups. Since this is a squeaker ball, it does release quite a loud noise. Although this toy isn’t ideal when everyone in the house is trying to sleep, it’s great to use during the day or for a game of fetch.

3. Chew Toy: Benebone Maplestick Chew Toy

Top 7 Best Dog Toys of 2020

Chew toys are every dogs’ weakness, especially the pups who need some help with their teeth. This is one of the most authentic yet safe chew toys you’ll come across. This chew toy is made with 100% USA-sourced nylon and 100% USA-sourced real maple wood. Its woody taste and smell is sure to get your dog’s attention. Since it’s not a real stick, you won’t need to worry about possible splinters harming your dog’s mouth or causing internal damage. The addition of the maple wood distinguishes it from other chew toys, giving your dog a unique and notable experience.

4. Indoor Toy: Chuckit Indoor Ball Toy

Top 7 Best Dog Toys of 2020

Don’t be fooled by its plush exterior, this toy is built with durable layers that allows for its long-lasting usage. So, don’t freak out if you’ve got an aggressive chewer as a dog. Although its constructed with multiple layers, the Chuckit ball is very lightweight, making it easy for you and your dog to play. In addition, this ball has an extremely powerful bounce, making it impossible for your dog to leave it alone.

One of the most important aspects of this ball is its soft surface. No matter how many times you throw this ball inside your house, it’s never going to leave any unwanted scratches and marks on the surfaces of your home. So, go crazy with it!

5. Fetch Toy: West Paw Zwig Squeezy Dog Stick Toy

Playing fetch with a stick? Yeah, right! Fetch with a stick can cause unwanted splinters and harm to your dog. It’s also very common for sticks to get stuck in dogs’ throat, thus blocking their airways and causing vomiting. The Zwig toy is a much safer alternative. This toy is extremely versatile and can be used by both mild and aggressive chewers. The Zwig is very bendy, allowing for its easy movement and flow. Its hollow center improves its bounciness, making it that much more entertaining! Since it’s so easy to handle, dogs love to hold the Zwig with their paws and/or mouth. However, be careful. This toy is so addicting that you might even end up stealing it from your dog.

6. Rope Toy: Mammoth Flossy Cotton Blend 5 Knot

This extremely long rope is suited for those with larger dogs. It’s woven with multiple knots, aiding in its extreme durability. The quality of the rope attends to your dog’s dental needs as well. Made from 100% cotton, this rope will floss your dog’s teeth while also letting them play. It’s commonly mistaken that the cotton decreases the durability of the rope. However, there’s no need to fear. The cotton is tightly knit into a solid and firm rope, making sure the most aggressive dogs can’t munch through them. Playing tug a war with your dog has never been this fun!

7. Puzzle Toy: Outward Hound Interactive Puzzle Toy

Puzzle toys are a great way to get your dog thinking! This interactive toy improves your dogs’ skills, order, and overall obedience. The hide and seek squirrel tree from Outward Hound’s is an adaptable yet easy puzzle game that your dog is guaranteed to enjoy. Inside the soft tree trunk are five squeaky squirrels that your dog can pull out and place back in. This puzzle game can work however your dog wants it to work! The holes in this trunk are very spacey. You can add your dog’s favorite toys, food, or treats to switch it up! Since this toy is so versatile, it’s very unlikely that your dog will get sick of playing with it.

There you have it! The Best Dog Toys of 2020!

Although these toys are listed as the top, there are many other toys that work just as great for your dog. It’s all about experimentation. Once you find a toy that your dog likes, you can use it as a reference for future toys! Make sure the toy is 100% safe before buying it. Your dog’s health comes first…and then their playtime. What did you think of our Best Dog Toys of 2020?